Tahoe Avenue pileup. How did it start?Did it fly?

2022-05-13 0 By

According to the net friend broke the news, (13 evening) more than 8 o ‘clock, in Meishan Taihe Avenue, several cars accident, scene as shown in the picture.The cause is unknown.Taihe Avenue is so spacious, how can you drive like this?It is so that the old driver can not explain it.Is the weather is too cold, want to insert a knife in the middle squeeze heat point?All joking aside, we must not drive fast, the more spacious the road, the more careful driving oh.Some of the pictures, text and opinions in this article are from the Internet and other public platforms. The main purpose is to share information and let more people get the consultation they need. The copyright is not for commercial use, and belongs to the original author.If involved in infringement, please inform us and we will delete relevant content within 24 hours. Thank you.