The man accidentally picked up a stone by the river, which was covered with gold, but the identification result was unexpected

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Good luck is what most people want, for example, winning the lottery is a manifestation of good luck.But after all, the probability of winning is very small, so many people will envy lucky people.Have you ever thought that if you walk by the river, you’ll pick up a rock that will make you rich?And there is such a young man in Kunming, what kind of adventure happened to him?Gather anecdotes and survey the world.Search for strange people around anecdotes, explore strange country gods.This issue of son ya tong Qu anecdote records with you about the story of the gold stone.The hero of the story is Ding Pingfa, a native of Dongchuan District, Kunming City.On this day, he was ready to go home as usual after finishing his business in the county seat, but in order to save more time, he took a road that was less populated.The road requires crossing a small river, but the water is not deep, so you only need to step on the stones at the bottom.To his surprise, when he was crossing the stream, he suddenly felt a flash of gold in front of his eyes. He looked at it and saw that there was a stone in the water shining in the sun.He squatted down to take a look carefully, found that it was a round stone, he quickly washed the stone again and again, the golden light more dazzling colorful more beautiful, very good-looking.This let Ding Pingfa can not help but think: did he pick up the gold?He was not quite sure what it was, but he had a feeling it must be a treasure, so he took it home and wanted to study it.After returning home, Ding Pingfa and a good cleaning of the stone, I saw the shape of the stone like an oval, and the surface has a lot of golden particles, these small particles in the light of the shine appears more golden.Ding Pingfa’s family has been poor since he was a child. Up to now, there is no silver ware at home, let alone gold ware, which he has never seen before.And of course there’s no telling what kind of metal the little grains on the surface of the stone are.So Ding Pingfa pondered, can only decide to find the village well-informed two uncle.Two uncle took the stone carefully weigh for a long time, finally patted the thigh to ding Pingfa said: you picked up the baby ah, to make a fortune.It’s a legendary meta-gem that’s been extinct for years.Ding Ping was speechless. What is this?The two uncles explained to him that when he was a child, he had heard adults say that xiaohe village produced this precious stone, which has a layer of gold on its surface. As long as you knock these things down and melt them, you can extract gold, and later the world also called it the precious stone.But in the Ming Dynasty this stone has been extinct.Hear here Ding Ping heart excited, thinking that the river must still be able to find some yuan gem.So he went to the river early the next morning, but was amazed at what he saw. The river bank was full of people.Also do not know is the village who leaked the wind, the villagers have heard ding Pingfa in the beach picked up is said to be very valuable yuan gem, so are to the beach treasure.However, each person has his own destiny. Some people were lucky enough to pick up a few ingot stones, while others returned empty-handed.Villager Ding Xiaoguang is one of them, he very feel suspicious, be stone likewise, with what you be yuan gem and mine be not?In his thinking about thinking about the time, Ding Xiaoguang brainwave, since these stones are round, that will not bread is the yuan gem?He doesn’t know where to start, looking for a hammer directly on the stone kuang kuang a knock, and I didn’t know that knock out something for him, saw the stone after the layer was knocking on outside.The aureate grain that appears to be identical with yuan gem really inside, Ding Xiaoguang heart is very happy, the appearance of original yuan gem is more than one kind, what contain in stone after all is gold who also do not know, can identify to come out component only through professional instrument.At the same time another news, also in the villagers fried pot, there is a big boss heard of the yuan gem after the matter, to buy this kind of stone at a high price, once the price raised to fifty-one thousand pieces.But the news was true, too, at a very different price.One night, ding pingfa was approached by an out-of-town boss who wanted to buy the stone.Although the owner said that he usually likes some strange stones, as long as he likes them he will buy back.But Ding Ping found that he must be aimed at the gold on the yuan gem.But on second thought, the stones will be to sell, no matter who sold to, as long as the price satisfied with, so he took to pick up the pieces later yuan gems in the other hand, buyers take in hand the play after half a day, speak to, decided to offer ten thousand yuan to buy it, and said this thing won’t look too valuable, is very heavy.While saying that this thing is not good, and at the same time anxious to bid, which makes him more sure that the stone is a big treasure.So Ding Pingfa is not eager to move, casually sent the other party away.But Ding ping found that he did not know how much money was appropriate, so he wanted to find out what the stone was. He asked his friend to contact an expert on the subject.This is also a lifetime and stone dealing with geological experts Zheng Shiquan, he saw the object is also very surprised, this is the first time he saw such a strange stone.He told Ding pingfa that the particles on the surface of the stones did indeed look like gold to the naked eye.Gold can exist in nature in only two forms, one is the ore containing gold, it can be processed after smelting, extraction of gold.There is also natural gold, which is naturally a small piece of gold.The grains on the rock do indeed resemble natural gold, whether they are true or false, and it will take experiments to find out.Experiments conducted on the stone so Zheng Shiquan detection, the appraisal results will be out soon, and unfortunately, yuan particles on the gem is not gold, although it is similar to gold color and texture, but it is also known as pyrite, scientific name is called a crystal of ferrous sulfide in addition is also known as a fool.When Ding Pingfa heard this, he was not feeling good at all. He thought that he should have sold it to the boss for ten thousand yuan at that time and made a fortune. But now he had nothing.As he pondered this, the expert had a surprise waiting for him.Zheng Shiquan is not only an expert in geology and mining, but also a collector who loves to collect all kinds of strange stones.He told Ding pingfa that although there was no gold on the stone, it was not worth a cent. The stone itself was very beautiful and round, and there was gold on the surface of pyrite, which could also be called a strange stone and could be sold at a good price.The most important thing is that this stone also has historical significance. It was formed between 250 million years ago and 500 million years ago. It is indeed a real natural stone.In these years, the collection of strange stones is also extremely hot, like this very rare stone will also meet the scramble of collectors, want to sell a good price is not what problem.Hearing these, Ding Pingfa also feel at ease, holding a stone to go home.A stone becomes a gold ingot, then a stone again, and finally a wonderful stone worth collecting.This huge drop together, really also let Ding Pingfa’s mentality take a roller coaster.Now Ding Ping thinks that down-to-earth is the way to go, and the luck of others is not necessarily yours. A stable life is the best.But it is also to remind you that although the stone can auction a sky-high price of news, but there will also be sellers do not understand the market and bid too low, causing their losses, buyers do not understand the true and false to buy a false stone.Therefore, when deciding to join this industry, we should study and learn more, do not join blindly, so as not to cause losses.Well, that’s the end of this video.If you have anything to say, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.If you like my article, please follow me and you won’t miss the update.Please like and forward more, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to make better works.