Up to 300,000!Binjiang key enterprise labor subsidies plus 2000/ person, can be superimposed to enjoy!

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For the above manufacturing enterprises and retail catering enterprises in the warehouse in Binjiang District under the employment subsidy policy at the district level, those who employ more than 10 persons (inclusive) from January to May 2022 who are registered outside hangzhou and have paid social insurance premiums continuously for more than 6 months (inclusive) in accordance with the law,On the basis of municipal policy (1000 yuan/person), enterprises will be given a one-off recruitment subsidy of 2000 yuan/person, with the maximum subsidy of 300,000 yuan (excluding municipal subsidies).Binjiang district on the regulation of manufacturing enterprises, in the warehouse retail catering industry enterprises (according to the statistics department caliber), the recruitment of people outside the urban area of Hangzhou (Tonglu, Jiande, Chun ‘an does not belong to the urban household registration meet the application conditions, not including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign personnel) from January to May 2022 in Binjiang District for the first time employment;The number of employees recruited from January to May is more than 10 (inclusive);The enterprise has paid social insurance premiums for the above persons for at least 6 months (inclusive).Application time: July 2022 — June 2023 Overdue application materials will not be accepted ① “Labor subsidy Application List”;(2) If the business license data cannot be shared, the original license shall be provided;(3) If the id card of the recruited person cannot be shared, the original certificate and license shall be provided;(4) The original copy of the household register of the employed person (the home page and the personal page).The implementation rules and declaration channels will be announced before the end of June 2022, so stay tuned!The enterprise that accords with the condition, district level policy and city level policy can overlay enjoy!More Labor subsidy policy Municipal labor subsidy policy During the epidemic response period, enterprises in Binjiang District who employ persons with household registration outside Hangzhou for the first time to work in the urban area and have paid social insurance premiums for more than six months in a row will be given labor subsidy according to the standard of 1,000 yuan per person.In accordance with national regulations, the deadline for accepting the unemployment insurance subsidy policy in 2021 will be extended to March 31, 2022.(declare guide link) riverside released “to help companies start” article 18 to the implementation of the central and provincial, municipal decision-making deployed as a whole the epidemic prevention and control and orderly way, further strengthen epidemic prevention and control work stage results, repair the outbreak of the impact of the economic society, enterprises should be resolved as a result of the outbreak of practical difficulties, help enterprise “good start”.(Policy Link) Editor/Liu Ziyin source/District People and Social Security Bureau