“Can always believe zhejiang” was broken north drift girl, or decided not to return to the “jia”

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Source: Zhejiang Legal Newspaper, Zhejiang news client Xiao Wei Hu Jiajie these two days, a micro blog “can always trust Zhejiang” home post fire.Wang Yiren (pseudonym), a migrant girl from Jiaxing port area, told how she received a warm response when she consulted the epidemic prevention and control office in her hometown about returning home for the Spring Festival.Early in the morning on January 24, the reporter contacted Wang Yi in Beijing.Wang said she decided to stay in Beijing to celebrate the Spring Festival in place.The reporter learned that Wang yi is an employee of a media company in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, and has been staying in Beijing since graduating from college in 2012.Affected by the epidemic, he has not returned home for the Spring Festival for two years.On the afternoon of Jan. 20, she received a call from her mother.On the other end of the phone was my mother’s full expectation: can I go home for the Spring Festival this year?Her family missed her so much, and her grandmother was already looking for ingredients to make her favorite shaomai and pot stickers.In order to give her family a clear answer, Wang called the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of Jiaxing Port area.”Hello, this is port prevention and control office, may I ask you any questions?””You can be in an area that is not classified as medium-high risk as long as you provide proof of negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours.””Only those returning from medium-high risk areas or wholly closed management areas should be quarantined centrally.”At the other end of the phone, a professional solution to her gradually eat under the reassurance.Especially the last one, “Are you homesick?Come back if you want.”Let her break the defense in a flash.”During the epidemic, jiaxing’s humanized epidemic prevention measures took into account the homesickness of migrant workers, which made me feel warm in my heart.”Wang said that although she has been working away from home for many years, she has always been proud of being a native of Zhejiang.In a word, “You can always trust Zhejiang.”Unbeknownst to Wang yi, such heart-warming stories have been playing out in her hometown every day recently.”We get more than 10 calls like Miss Wang’s every day.”Jiang Ying, a staff member of jiaxing Port Prevention and control Office and a nurse at Zhapu Central Health Center in Pinghu city, also answered Wang’s call that day.That day, jiang Ying was transferred to jiaxing Port area prevention and control office support 10 days.Every day, she will receive all kinds of consultation phone, some consultation to stay in the port area New Year what preferential policies?Some want to go home for the Spring Festival to consult about nucleic acid testing;Some to consult the Spring Festival to port area whether isolation and other issues.Although the questions were varied, Jiang said confidently that “we could answer them fluently”.Originally, for epidemic prevention and control, Jiaxing Port area specially formulated the magic weapon of epidemic prevention and control — the Five-Color Table of Epidemic Prevention and Control in The Port area.In this table, the situation of all medium-high risk areas in China (down to the community) and corresponding control measures are covered. The five-Color Table will be updated dynamically at any time according to the changes of the epidemic situation.Every day, everyone goes over and over again to make sure they respond immediately to all kinds of inquiries.”With the help of the Five-color Table, we will take precise control of all key personnel coming to and returning to Hong Kong, without any one-size-fits-all or promotion of control, to ensure that during the Spring Festival, those who want to go back to their hometown can go back smoothly, and those who want to go back to the port can come back safely and safely,” said a person in charge of the Prevention and control office of Jiaxing Port Area.