Famous reporter broke the news!Cristiano Ronaldo has been blamed for a row in the Manchester United dressing room.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused by one of the club’s biggest bosses of “splitting the dressing room and making United what they are”.This team boss who is dissatisfied with Ronaldo, is captain Maguire.Maguire was brought to Old Trafford by Manchester United in the summer of 2019 for a world record £80m.He quickly established himself as a regular in defence and, half a season later, the captain’s armband was handed over to Maguire by ole Gunnar Solskjaer.But in this season, Maguire’s performance has declined significantly.He turns slowly, the foot is not flexible characteristic, also be used repeatedly by the opponent, in the near a few games Manchester United several goals, and Maguire has an inseparable relationship.Despite his poor performance, Maguire is the captain of the team, and he is also tasked with leading the team out of the doldrums.And to do that, above all, is to unite the dressing room so that the players are able to play to their strengths, rather than being held back by each other in a way that will ultimately bring down United.According to Falk, Maguire believes it is Ronaldo and his coterie who dominate the dressing room that has caused so much division among the players.England players, including Marcus rashford and Gado Sancho, were very unhappy with Ronaldo’s style, but because of his status, they did not dare to directly confront him, so they could only hold it in their hearts.Manchester United’s Gary Neville recently wrote a lengthy article about the club’s current problems, confirming that there is a “mole” in the dressing room.But for the sake of decency, he will not announce the name of the “mole”.Neville said: “Manchester United are a long way from winning the championship and there are problems with the attitude and the desire to win.It’s a very bad sign that no matter who plays Manchester United at the moment they seem to be able to take advantage.”Neville also revealed that a Manchester United player had secretly called his assistant Jose Armas a “nasty nickname”, which in his view showed a lack of respect.Such an attitude makes it hard for them to really focus on the game!There is good news for Manchester united, however, as four of their rivals have dropped and the Red Devils are still firmly at the top of the table and very much in the running for a Champions League berth.But that should not be united’s goal, and perhaps this summer the club’s management will have to do something about it.