Outrageous!Weighted ningde with rhythm, gem without resistance to fall

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2022.2.8 by the noon close, from the overall view of the three major indexes in the morning collective low open, then continued to decline trend, gem fell more than 4%, into the technical bear market interval, the two cities of stocks up more or less, half day turnover 539.8 billion yuan, foreign capital inflows 609 million.Yesterday’s year of the Tiger has a good start to your head, if you read Mr. Li’s midday comments yesterday, may not be dizzy today.Market differentiation is so serious, the boom plate continues the weak trend before the festival, the steady plate is against the trend of growth, financial, infrastructure, cyclical plate in turn stand firm.This pattern, we later analysis, may be because the overseas into the cycle, high on the whole are bearish sentiment plates, but it has a policy of good solid plate, the infrastructure sector, for example, the National Development and Reform Commission said to advance and carry out infrastructure investment, solid foundation to promote the “difference” planning 102 major project implementation, so it caused such differentiation pattern.But although the market dive today, medium – and long-term investors actually do not have to worry too much, Mr. Li thinks that the red in February is still possible, because in early March is the two sessions, stable red is the main melody of the market.Although the boom plate adjustment range is relatively large, but a lot of performance is not so bad, the current oversold but increased the cost performance of these plates, long-term investors can slowly order, patiently waiting for their repair.· In terms of sectors, coal mining, insurance and banking sectors led the rally today;Power equipment, medical services, Tesla concept plate led the decline today.· From the perspective of capital, the main net inflow of banking, coal mining and cloud computing;Lithium battery, pv, Tesla concept main net outflow.· From the perspective of the index, the daily increase of China Securities Coal, coal rights and dividends index ranks the first;New energy battery, CS battery, new energy daily rise in the rear.Take the Shanghai Composite Index as an example: · Weekly chart (weekly update) : the 5-week, 10-week and 20-week averages are dead cross respectively;The MACD indicator is dead cross, the green bar expands, and the indicator line runs below axis 0.KDJ index dead fork converges downward, J value reaches bottom;BOLL channel opening expanded, the stock index runs near the downtrack.· Analysis: In the medium term, the index overfell and rebounded, focusing on the pressure around 3455 points. It is unlikely for the index to rise in one breath.· Daily chart (daily watch) : the 5-week, 10-week and 20-week averages are dead cross respectively;MACD index dead cross, green bar shortened, index line running above axis 0;KDJ index dead fork converges downward, J value reaches bottom;BOLL channel opening diffusion, stock index run near the downtrack.· Analysis: In the short term, as Mr. Li said yesterday, the market is unlikely to rush up in one breath, and the index is under pressure at 3430-3450 points.Although the index is relatively low at present, but at the bottom of the triangle structure is expected to rebound strength will not be too high, want to one go back to 3600 points, almost impossible, through the shock back to 3500 points, hope is relatively large.· In January, the total number of newly issued funds was 148, and the issuance share was 118.8 billion, down 39.59% and 60.87% respectively from the previous month. The average issuance share of a single fund was less than 1 billion, which also hit a new low since January 2021.(Fund) ·Strategy Analytics data showed that global notebook PC shipments rose 19% year-on-year to 268 million in 2021, setting a new record.(PC) · Tesla’s revenue in The Chinese market in 2021 will reach 13.844 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year increase of 107.8%. Currently, China is Tesla’s largest market outside the US, accounting for 25.7% of the company’s revenue and 51.7% of global deliveries.· Shanghai Composite Index: P/E 12.94, low valuation;· Shenzhen Component Index: P/E 26.19, normal valuation;· GEM index: P/E of 55.43, normal valuation;· KEChuang 50: P/E ratio of 57.57, low valuation;· CSI 300: P/E 13.07, normal valuation;· SSE 50: P/E 10.95, normal valuation;· China Securities 500: P/E 18.59, low valuation;· Opportunity Index of the week: China Securities 500, Aerospace Industry, Cosmos, China Securities Infrastructure.· Gem: Gem fell more than 4% intraday today, losing 2,800 points for the first time since April last year. Looking at the extended period, it has fallen more than 20% from the peak and entered a technical bear market.Mainly because the weight plate fell too much today, Ningde times fell more than 8%, Ganfeng lithium, Tianqi lithium fell more than 5%.This thought that capital experienced a month of adjustment after the New Year’s day, last year’s bigger stocks and plates have adjusted almost, but the adjustment is still continuing after the Spring Festival.But we are from the point of details, the sharp drop in the gem is a heavyweight, gem and half the stock is red, in the end this is emotional fall, may will repair tomorrow, and then stick to a few days in the current position, if can have bounced back, during the down position should be low today,But the next week if there is no decent substantial rebound, the mood can not come up, gem may also emotional decline.So short-term do not easily bottom, want to enter the words also want to light warehouse or choose to cast.· Buy firm offer: Shanghai-Shenzhen 300, KEChuang 50, GEM 800 Pharmaceutical, China Certification Liquor, CS Smart Automobile, mainland consumption, China Certification Environmental protection, emerging power, Xingquan Herun, New sharp industry, cultural and sports industry.· Sold firm offer: none.· Buy and wait: CS Electronics and Military indices.· Sell watch: none.Disclaimer: The content of this article is a record of the author’s personal subjective trading thoughts and self-retention. The analysis of the indexes and funds involved does not constitute any investment or application advice.