The Chinese New Year season, voted for with real money by the audience, is undoubtedly the best

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One of the biggest stunts of the Year of the Tiger is ticket prices, but considering the impact of the epidemic in recent years, it’s understandable.However, watergate Bridge has not lost its popularity. Since its release on the first day of Chinese New Year, it has been watched by more than 44.3 million people and earned more than 2.4 billion yuan at the box office.There are no complicated reasons why Watergate Bridge is so strong against the tide. As this viewer put it, “it’s worth the price of admission for anyone who sees it.”As an audience with real money to vote a vote out of the Spring Festival best, “Changjin Lake Watergate Bridge” is worthy of the 5A blockbuster, scene, lineup, topic, emotion, meaning, all have, all not not wonderful, let a person clap!No one has a problem with watergate Bridge being the best big action movie of the Spring Festival, right?”Jangjin Lake” was the last Big-screen Korean movie to match it.Yes, this is the legend of only their own can defeat their own strong.The chosin Lake area is frozen with a temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius, the aircraft array of the U.S. army comes roaring, the battle between the two armies is lively and lively, and the realistic explosion scene seems to take place near me……”Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” is the greatest reconstruction of the battle 72 years ago.I have to say, this is also the most conscience of war film, only solid input can have shock effect.As the most expensive film ever made in China, the Changjin Lake series has far surpassed the war blockbusters funded by Hollywood in recent years, which also reflects the industrial quality pursuit of Chinese filmmakers to strive for excellence and create the best movie viewing experience for audiences.Strong finely crafted wujing as resourceful, sentient beings a righteous howls of seven long wu li, Jackson as rapid growth from the spring to WuWanLi for soldiers, ya wen zhu as a patriotic love family, the parents usually instructor MeiSheng, yihong duan’s calm, thoughtful about the child for the battalion commander, zhang song round general plays the atmosphere of calm,There is Han Dongjun as the countless audience yiping sharpshooter flat river……”Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” not only presents heroic volunteer group images for the audience, but also shapes one after another fleshly and prominent characters, which has a deep emotional resonance with the audience.This is partly because of the cast, which is made up of top-notch actors with guaranteed acting skills.On the other hand, thanks to the guidance of three directors, Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Dante Lam, the actors are able to shine in their most suitable roles, and they are able to create such popular images.The special feature of Spring Festival is that it is a time for the whole family to get together. The whole family goes to the cinema together, which is a rare company and good memories.But given the reality, it’s not easy to find a movie that’s suitable for a family, and ‘Watergate Bridge’ fits the bill perfectly.This period of history is the common history of our Chinese people. This battle is fought by the volunteer army for the whole Chinese people. The elderly can recall their youth through it, and the young can recall their bitter and sweet memories through it.As a historical war film, Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake is first and foremost patriotic, but never more so.In the film, we can also see the war friendship between volunteers is very deep, thousands of miles and thousands of miles of brotherly love is also moving, Meisheng’s thoughts and love for her daughter let many audiences shed tears……The watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake achieves emotional recognition by penetrating the hearts of the audience through these emotions that ordinary people have beyond the big scenes.In fact, whether it is a big scene, good performance, or topic setting, emotional sublimation, these are ultimately for the meaning of the service.See the heroic scene, we know the cruelty of war;Seeing the realistic representation of the actors, we can better understand the suffering of the volunteers;We know with all the affection with which they went to war.In short, they all tell us the same thing: a happy life does not come easily today, and we should strive for it.Start the New Year with this awareness, life will be tiger tiger alive, come to the cinema with your family, this year of the Tiger Spring Festival only 5A movie can not be missed!