The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the Ministry of National Defense have said that the United States did not dare to cross the line and put Lai Qingde in detention

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Taiwan vice Leader Lai Ching-tak, who is on his way to Honduras to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new president, encountered an unexpected situation while passing through Los Angeles, the United States, reported on January 27.Taiwan authorities to the original plan is the chance of taking a trip to Honduras, transit in Los Angeles and stay for 24 hours, lai during plan to meet with government officials in the United States, but after arriving in Los Angeles when lai real, he is the only destination in epidemic prevention of the hotel near the airport, not only such, lai be born in the United States this 24 hours,Without meeting a senior US government official, he could only stay in a hotel room and have a video conference with some us anti-China lawmakers. The gap was so great that even the island media could not help but deride Lai as “self-deceiving”.The fundamental reason for such a situation is that before Lai Qingde’s departure, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the Ministry of National Defense had already stated that the Taiwan authorities’ decision was “playing with fire”. In addition, Chinese air force officers and soldiers recently flew dozens of fighter jets across the Taiwan Strait, so the US government did not dare to cross the red line in the end.So when lai really arrived in Los Angeles, the United States to “prevention” as an excuse, demanding that Taiwan be vaccinated three agent company produced vaccine lai, accept the United States government admitted to the nearest hotel, and only by video link personnel contact way and the United States, but in fact is a disguised form of lai “shu”,Avoid him taking advantage of his freedom to have a surprise meeting with a senior government official.It is interesting to note that due to lai the vaccine inoculation did not get the certification, or who is the us CDC began so even lai has been vaccinated against the three new crown, but in Honduras current immigration policy is still in the high risk crowd, if Honduras according to precedent in the United States, so lai will be likely to arrange the epidemic prevention hotel again.As a matter of fact, the root of this international political farce is still the Taiwan independence diehard forces on the island and the mutual collusion of external interference forces. The United States hopes to play the “Taiwan card” to thwart China’s rise.The Taiwan authorities are always trying to leverage foreign countries to seek independence, but the biggest obstacle in front of them is the Chinese nation’s pursuit of the ideal of complete national unification, as well as the strong deterrence of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.But the island’s intention to a handful of fission country national scum, the most fear is the patron behind all of a sudden change of attitude, from this time biden government lai can be seen that even “anti-china” into the brain of the White House has its own considerations, once the situation is not right, Taiwan authorities also lost but is ready to abandon the child.But as biden faces midterm elections this year, the ailing president must spend the next 10 months turning around his moribund approval ratings and ensuring that Democrats have enough seats in Congress for the next four years to see his policies through.To do so, the Biden administration will have to find a breakout point to attract attention, and There is no doubt that China is the world’s most qualified source of public opinion.This means that in 2022, the situation across the Taiwan Straits will become more uncertain or even intensified. The Taiwan authorities, with the US fanning the flames, will surely find new entry points to divide the feelings of people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, poison the relations between the two sides, and even secretly connect with the US and the West. Therefore, in the next year,We must take a more decisive and resolute attitude in dealing with cross-strait affairs. Only by sticking to our drastic measures can we give the two sides of the Taiwan Straits a real chance to pursue peaceful reunification.