There was a big family reunion yesterday

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Yesterday morning more than nine o ‘clock and I did not get up, my little sister came over to do breakfast.My granddaughter and I got up quickly. If we could stay in bed until 10 o ‘clock, we had a guest at my house today.I went to the kitchen to see, sister and brother-in-law to buy chicken legs chicken melon chicken wings, bought a piece of pork belly and garlic sprouts, I asked how much money, little sister said not how much money, I said I entertain guests do not need you to buy food, little sister said calculate so clear why?I told you to be clear.After a simple breakfast, my sister and her brother-in-law began to prepare lunch. The brother-in-law cooked, and the sister helped. At ten o ‘clock, the five members of my son, daughter-in-law and uncle arrived successively.I and sister-in-law in the house sit on the bed chat, has not seen this sister-in-law for half a year, meet very kind, have say not over the words, I and this sister-in-law for temper, both of us are kind simple, very can talk, although my husband is not, but we are still close as sisters.Every time I come back she comes to see me and I go to her house for a few days.The kids were watching TV and drinking tea in the living room, all family members, and I left them alone.Little granddaughter tangxin see sister-in-law’s grandson is very happy, her grandson is 12 days older than my granddaughter, Tangxin put his brush with chu to draw with brother, and went to the square yesterday to buy the kite to play with brother, and to take milk and candy, is very enthusiastic.This younger brother and younger brother are 95 years come from native heilongjiang of henan, do business in native place at that time of deficient owe one bottom debt, really did not recruit rush rush us to come.First, I set up a stall in Xingyang selling soy sauce chicken and melon meat. My husband rode a motorcycle to Zhengzhou every week to stock stock. After several years of work, he earned tens of thousands of yuan, but his small business could not make much money a year.Later the husband’s second sister divorced, also came to Henan from their hometown, she and her younger brother to discuss going to Zhengzhou to sell northeast soybeans, then their three siblings in Zhengzhou, a grain wholesale market rented a store began to sell northeast soybeans.Start can also, then it is not good, bean price instability, from northeast to drop, compensate tens of thousands of a car, add food business for the first time do not experience, conceded with compensate with bill to compensate in a big mess, two sister a look lost fled quit, sibling two before the lose all make 10 to ten thousand yuan, also have no money in his hand.The two elder sisters do too much, they do not want to eat a little loss, let the little brother compensate.At this time sister-in-law and ovarian cancer need to do surgery, surgery has been unable to support, thanks to a friend to help, not only lend them hundreds of thousands of start-up funds, but also with them to sell grain, it slowly back from the dead, business slowly picked up.After ten years of struggle, now business is stable, in Zhengzhou bought two suites more than three million, two cars more than half a million, Xingyang has an empty house for four or five years, ready to rent.Their son and daughter-in-law run their business, and they stay home with their grandchildren.Life is full of happiness.Good things come to good people.At twelve o ‘clock my brother and sister cooked a table, the chef cooking is not the same, color, smell and taste, we a big family happy meal, wish each other a happy New Year, good health, wealth, business sheng Long.After lunch five younger sister a five people also came, this is more lively, our sisters four people in bed chat, junior playing mahjong in the living room, three young sun in another bedroom to play, do not play mahjong to watch TV.Said a conversation, sister-in-law said to put the house things up, ready to rent the house.Our two houses were bought next door. After doing business in Zhengzhou, they bought two more houses and stopped living in Xingyang.The original bed quilt did not cover how to throw away, the little sister did not let throw over, picked up, picked out a few good summer quilt and sheets, other things thrown into the garbage can.More than four o ‘clock, they have to go I put on my sister’s coat ready to send downstairs, a little granddaughter looked and said grandma where to go?I tease her to say go to your elder brother’s home to stay a few days, she wow of 1 cry, I hurriedly say not to tease you, she return tearful eyes dance of ask 1, not cheat me?I said grandma never cheated.She smiled instead of tears.Took my hand and said, grandma wait for me to come back, my mother and I go to the hot spring, live a night will come back, I said good.After I had sent them all away, I went back to the kitchen and looked at the sheets of leather and the bowl on the floor, and in the bedroom, oh, my God, the little ones had turned the house upside down, the paintbrushes all over the floor, the milk on the windowsill, the paper on the bed all over the floor, the tippy ball rolling all over the floor, and the kite torn.My little sister and I picked up more than an hour to put things back, clean the kitchen, today this day is busy and happy, this is the happiness of reunion, the warmth of family.