0-1!The reigning Spanish champions go down with a bang!Barcelona laughed as Atletico’s Champions League qualification hung in the balance

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February 17, 2am Beijing time, la Liga round 21 match: Atletico Madrid host Levante.At this point in the season, it is no longer a question of retaining the title, but of qualifying for the Champions League.Slumped, atletico Madrid and Barcelona with 39 points to the battle of 23, barca a two goal difference advantage fourth in la liga, atletico Madrid, 5 sheets legion game 1 round 15 points behind leaders real Madrid, the title is almost impossible, but if you can’t get rid of the promotion, secure champions league qualification also suspended, after all, only 1 minute, more than a behind the sixth of the royal society.Will atletico Madrid win the champions League and qualify for next season’s champions League group stage after finishing second in the group stage?Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United might not even get through the quarter-finals.Levante are at the bottom of the Spanish league table and have won only one game in 23 rounds of la Liga this season.So, Atletico started 442, Cunha, Correa formed a double striker, midfield Lemar, Koke, Kondobia, depaulo, four back mandawa, Jimenez, Savage, little onte, goalkeeper Obrak.Suarez, Felix and so on sit on the bench.It can be seen that Simeone is in the upcoming Champions League quarter-final first leg at home against Manchester United.But this starting XI is also worth 400 million euros.Opposite Levante’s starting XI is worth a combined 39.8 million euros.The contrast of strength is wide.After the game began, both sides were in a defensive position.The 14th minute, Lemar front field shot, too much.The 22nd minute, Atletico defender gifts, Levante get a single knife opportunity, but Wu Lei soul possession, was oblak save.In the 32nd minute, Cunha’s shot was blocked by the Levante defender.At the end of the first half, Atletico ushered in a great attacking opportunity, but Lemar did not shoot straight.In the second half, Atletico’s defense quickly slipped.The 54th minute, Melero receives teammate direct pass, direct shot, the ball into!Atletico Madrid 0-1 levante.In the 57th minute, atletico’s shot hit the arm of a Levante defender and the referee awarded a penalty in the first place, but after being alerted by the VAR, it was considered to be offside and there was no penalty.The 65th minute, Suarez substitute appearance.A minute later, the Uruguayan centre’s shot was blocked by a defender.In the 71st minute, substitute Felix’s shot was also blocked.The last minute of stoppage time, Correa’s bicycle kick, absolutely tied?But this ball because Jimenez foul first, void.In the end, Atletico lost 1-0 at home to vice president Levante.Atletico are still fifth in the Spanish league table, with 39 points from 24 games, and the prospect of a fourth place in the race looks bleak.Barcelona, with 39 points from 23 games, are expected to finish fourth.Even Real Sociedad, who have 38 points from 23 games, see hope.After all, Barca will soon face napoli in the Europa League and valencia in the next round of la Liga, with the loss of central defence is not a sure thing.