365 Newsletter Every day in one minute February 4

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365 News Bulletin every day at 6 o ‘clock on time, select 15 hot news bulletin every day 1 micro message, one minute every day, know the world!The number of private enterprises in China has quadrupled in 10 years, according to the State Administration for Market Regulation.2, China women’s football team eliminated Japan on penalties to reach the Final of the Asian Cup, People’s Daily Sports: Indomitable women’s football team is a role model!3. The biggest rain and snow since the Year of the Tiger will be on line soon: affecting more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, Guangdong will be affected.4. Anyang, Henan was reduced to a low-risk area, so far, the medium-high risk areas in Henan have been cleared.5. As of 18:47 on Wednesday, the total box office of the 2022 Spring Festival (including pre-sales) exceeded 3.5 billion yuan.6. A medical worker from Beijing Ditan Hospital was diagnosed as a doctor in the emergency isolation area of Ditan Hospital.7, Zhengzhou Foxconn: Spring Festival nearly 100,000 people stay, the highest reward of 3,000 yuan.In the year of the Tiger, the proportion of short-distance tourists in the suburbs of the Spring Festival exceeds 70%, and the price of direct ticket for the return route begins to rise.9. China Unicom: The US revoked the license of its American company 214 without due process.CAI Bin, former head coach of Chinese Women’s volleyball team, was appointed as the new head coach of Chinese women’s volleyball Team.11. Biden said a U.S. military raid in northwest Syria killed the leader of the Islamic State group.12. Russian Foreign Ministry: Russia will “retaliate” against German media after Russia TODAY banned Its German-language channel.13. Guinean officials say the country has returned to calm after 11 people were killed in a failed coup attempt and that an in-depth investigation will be launched.14. US President Joe Biden: Reviving the “Cancer Moonshot”, pledging to reduce cancer deaths by 50% within 25 years.15. NASA has announced plans to destroy the International Space Station in 2031, sending debris crashing into the South Pacific Ocean.Mountains and rivers, cold spring return, respect time deep and wide, thank the warm lights, may auspicious days always have, brocade years and years old embrace, neither humble nor pushy. and line, and pity, and calm.Tags: This Morning Post;15 information bulletins;A daily selection of 12 news items;The Daily News morning paper;365 Information Bulletin;One minute a day to know the world.