After seven years of evolution, you still come back as a teenager. Is the brand new Lamando L your favorite?

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“No longer popular” is an important signal that new Lamando L has conveyed to the outside world since its debut. After seven years in the Chinese market, it also hopes to break the “seven-year itch” through subversive self-innovation.Seven years ago, Lamando officially entered the Chinese market named “Lamando” and was given the name of “Luxury wide-body Sedan”. Its arrival not only enriched the product line of SAIC Volkswagen, but also created a blue ocean of personalized sedan market.In the past seven years, Lamando has accumulated 750,000 consumers’ favor. Now, under the background of individuation and youth sweeping the whole industry, Lamando has changed into “hot” equipment to face the challenge of Generation Z.On March 31, the new Lamando L was officially launched, with a total of 4 models, and the official guide price is 149,900 to 189,900 yuan.It is worth mentioning that the new car adopts hot, hot and other “hot” adjectives to distinguish the model, and provides five colors of color change service, is committed to providing personalized choice for young consumers.In the official opinion of SAIC Volkswagen, Lamando L reshapes sports genes with innovation and transformation, creates cool fashion space with digital technology, and achieves happy galloping with vigorous power, which will bring the trend-leading choice for the z-generation youth who pursue individuality.So, when the masses are no longer the masses, will this “spicy steamed bun” still be your dish?As saic Volkswagen’s main sporty style sedan, the new Lamando L really has the capital to make people’s eyes shine.First of all, on the front face modeling, the new Lamando L abandoned the popular family doll design, and created a new way to create hot aesthetics.Specifically, the new car adopts a sporty unbalanced front face layout, with a large grille that greatly lowers the visual center of gravity, presenting a low posture closer to that of a sports car.LED magic eye headlight shape like goose feather, with exaggerated proportion to bring a strong visual impact, the horizontal luminous lamp belt is closely connected with the headlight, enhance the front face identification, with dynamic through the luminous Logo, fully show the sense of hot and cool.From the side view, thanks to the larger body size, the lines of the new Lamando L are more smooth, and the organic and changeable combination of line and surface also makes the light and shadow more varied and dynamic.The curve of the roof and back is in one go, and the tail wing is slightly upwarped, bringing a sense of readiness.At the same time, the frameless door and hatchback rear door support, for the vehicle to create a light dynamic coupe posture.In addition, flat, narrow pulsed streamer 3D LED taillights on the rear accentuates the wide, low-slingy shape of the car, and large black backpanels on the rear bumper, with chrome trim running across the rear row, give the car a sporty feel.It is reported that the new Lamando L provides six colors, including cigar grey, sky pepper red, pepper white, rock tea grey, mint blue and dragon tongue blue, to meet the aesthetic needs of different users.In addition, we also provide 5 official color changing services of electro-optic metal high set blue, electro-optic metal rose gold, electro-optic metal sapphire green, matte ceramic khaki grey and electro-optic metal cherry blossom powder, bringing personalized customization options.Since it is a break from convention, the new Lamando L is not vague in the interior, embracing the cockpit design into fashion elements, large dual-screen driving interface screen, have broken the “public” tradition.It is understood that, in response to the ever-changing needs of Chinese consumers, the new Lamando L is equipped with the floating dual-screen design for the first time. The 10-inch full-lcd digital instrument and 12-inch multi-touch LCD central control screen are combined together to create a full sense of digital cockpit and meet consumers’ demands for intelligent and digital experience.The W-HUD heads-up display system on the new car uses the principle of optical reflection to project driving information on the windshield, reducing the switching time of visual focus and improving driving safety.In addition, the new Lamando L is also equipped with MOS 3.2, a smart car connection system based on THE CLOUD service platform of SAIC-Volkswagen, which integrates high-quality Internet resources and introduces colorful online services to create a new experience of human-vehicle-life interconnection.It is worth mentioning that, as a sedan car that pursues extreme sporty feeling, the new Lamando L is also equipped with exclusive three-spoke racing multi-functional steering wheel. The lower end is cut flat with high-gloss black touch buttons, creating a sense of scientific and technological sporty.The newly designed shell type collision color sports package seat provides a strong sense of wrapping, shoulder, waist, legs are hugging design, meet the requirements of ergonomics, while creating an immersive driving experience.In addition, the stylish and high-end Beats 8 audio system and colorful 30-color streamer atmosphere lights also add a sense of atmosphere to this sports cabin, bringing dynamic and dynamic car experience.The space performance of the new car is also outstanding. The length of the car is increased by 169mm to 4784mm, and the wheelbase is increased by 75mm to 2731mm. The greatly improved body size not only creates a wide and comfortable riding layout, but also brings a more comfortable driving experience.It is reported that the new Lamando L provides a variety of interior matching for cool black collar with carbon grey theme, scarlet collar with bright black theme, and charm blue collar with crystal grey theme, to meet the personalized choice of users.1.4T engine ➕ intelligent driving assist, bringing extreme control As a coupe model, power is naturally the point that cannot be avoided.It is understood that the new Lamando L is equipped with EA211 1.4TSI engine, with a maximum power of 110 kW and a maximum torque of 250 N · m. The comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is only 5.92L.Combined with a quick response dial digital shift and a 7-speed DSG dual clutch transmission, the electronic shift system works with a transmission speed of just 200 milliseconds, providing a smooth driving experience.At the same time, the whole new car adopts the former McPherson independent suspension and the multi-swing arm independent suspension, which can decompose the transverse and longitudinal forces to improve the handling, bringing dexterous handling and better dynamic balance.Moreover, Lamando L also adopts MQB-EVO digital architecture, which provides reliable support for the new car’s leading generation of digital technology based on high-speed and massive data transmission.The IQ. Drive L2 intelligent driving protection system can help users cope with multi-dimensional driving scenarios under different road conditions. The Travel Assist driving assistance system can monitor the surrounding environment and stop intelligently.Lane Assist Lane keeping system greatly improves driving safety, simplifies user driving operations, and escorts driving control.In terms of safety configuration, which is concerned by consumers, the use proportion of high-strength steel and above reaches 75.3%, and the utilization rate of thermoforming steel reaches 27.6%, comprehensively protecting the safety in the cabin.And the whole car 7 airbag is a comprehensive care of the driving safety of drivers and passengers.Generally speaking, with the Z era gradually becoming the main consumer, the sedan car market has changed from the original blue sea to the red sea, and the market presents a posture of a hundred flowers blooming.As a new generation product, the new Lamando L chooses to leave behind the past and face the impact with a subversive change. Under the comprehensive upgrade, it is bound to welcome young consumers again.Seven years of evolution, the return is still a teenager, this is probably the most sincere confession of the new Lamando L.