Sun Wukong, 40 million fans, marries his wife, nie Xiaoyu?”Bai Fu Mei” identity was stripped false

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Nowadays, with the popularity of the Internet, the development of “we media” industry is also in full swing, attracting more and more young people to participate in and become an online celebrity.It is not easy to be strong in this field. It is more important to choose the right direction and characteristics than the level of appearance.The Internet celebrity “Sun Wukong said car” is such a characteristic Internet celebrity. He is an automobile blogger. In the early stage, he shared some knowledge about choosing a car to avoid pits, and in the later stage, his video mainly focused on choosing a car for netizens.After years of hard work, the Monkey King has amassed more than 40 million followers on social media.Now “Sun Wukong” is approaching 30, also to talk about the age of marriage.The Monkey King often invites some female anchors to his videos. Netizens such as PI You and Nie Xiaoyu are regular users of his videos, and many expect their relationship to blossom.But the end of the story surprised all netizens, as sun Wukong recently announced his marriage on social media.She married He Yuxin, also an Internet celebrity, but only one-twentieth the size of sun Wukong.Many netizens have said that He Yuxin and sun Wukong directly across a huge gap, the two people do not belong to the right family, why come together?”Sun Wukong” has more than 40 million fans on the platform, such a fan base, even on the platform, is definitely one of the largest.It is reported that the Monkey King’s annual income easily exceeds 100 million yuan, and the income of one advertisement is in six figures.”Sun Wukong” also live broadcast with goods, each time with goods started at a million, only these two items, “Sun Wukong” income has exceeded 100 million yuan, some netizens to “Sun Wukong” account valuation, reached 600 million yuan.When He Yuxin married sun Wukong, did he fancy his wealth?”Sun Wukong” don’t be cheated by the other side.About the identity of He Yuxin, a netizen raked out, many netizens said he Yuxin is full of white fu Beauty, and Nie Xiaoyu ruffian.Its once participated in the love variety show “if you are the One”, in which the identity is the daughter of a family business, wealth is quite rich.If so, He Yuxin married “Sun Wukong”, is also a match.But is this really the case?Some netizens uncovered the true identity of He Yuxin, who is not a rich daughter of a family business, but an actor.He Yuxin once in the “if you are the One” and male guests hand in hand success, but not too long, and appeared in the “If you are the One” program, it can be seen that she is just invited to the program.Come to think of it, if she really is a daughter of a rich family, why would she go on a blind date with an ordinary guy on If You Are the One?He wants to be with the quality of the boys, I’m afraid is already lined up on the street.With the development of the Internet, He also registered accounts on social media and became an Internet celebrity.If the status alone, two people are equal.The most important is to “Sun Wukong” wealth, in fact, does not need the other side of how much wealth, has spent a lifetime.As long as they like each other, they also like themselves, this is enough, sometimes, is not the most important.What do you want to say about sun Wukong’s marriage?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.