The Hefei campus of Anhui Normal University is here

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Recently, anhui Normal University (ANHUI Normal University) Hefei Campus master plan revision service has officially started procurement.According to the plan, it plans to build an advanced research institute and four colleges with more than 8,000 students.Hefei Campus of Anhui Normal University (preparatory) covers an area of 334 mu. According to the original plan of Feixi Normal School, the original buildings, the old art building of 2350 square meters and the training building of 11,900 square meters, will be retained. The rest will be demolished.The new construction of 138,150 square meters of infrastructure will be carried out in three phases.According to the plan, HEFEI Campus of Ann Normal University plans to build an advanced research institute and four colleges.The Institute of Advanced Studies consists of the Intelligence Education Research Center, the Life Science Research Center, and the New Energy Research Center. The four schools are planned to be the School of Preschool and Special Education, the School of Future Design, the School of Aerospace Information, and the School of Artificial Intelligence.There are more than 8000 students and 500 faculty members.In the construction of Hefei Campus, efforts will be made to improve campus quality, highlight school-running characteristics and historical heritage, strengthen the building of campus cultural atmosphere, pay attention to humanized needs, attach importance to user experience, and effectively build a space for teachers and students to study, live and communicate.Campus layout will make full use of existing conditions of landform and physiognomy, adjust measures to local conditions, respecting nature, make full use of geographical advantages and the existing topography and geomorphology in accordance with the planning, respect for both the campus space structure, reserved for the future development space, pays attention to the campus context continuity, architecture and landscape architecture and collaborative, monomer campus overall harmonious relations, organic docking with city planning.Hefei municipal People’s Government issued a recommendation to anhui province in an emergency search!Close contact has participated in the latest announcement of funeral ceremony!She proposed to be deputy Chief procurator of the Procuratorate of anhui a new round of “double first-class” list announced!Anhui these 3 universities are in column!