What type of international snow medical rescue vehicle is it

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As an all-terrain vehicle with the ability to transcend the field, the snowfield medical rescue vehicle has land mobility and flexibility.It can navigate safely and smoothly in snow, ice, deep mud, rocks and even the harshest road conditions. It can also climb mountains and float on snow.International snow medical rescue special operation vehicle.1. Snow medical rescue vehicle has super flexible land mobility and can pass safely and smoothly under severe road conditions such as snow, ice, deep water and rocks.2. Aeromedical rescue services are provided by specialized helicopters, snow medical rescue vehicles and specialized medical teams.3. The equipment has special equipment, special functions, special transport tasks or other special purposes.A few years ago, China launched the 999 helicopter to provide aviation medical rescue support for the competition, and the first international snowfield medical rescue vehicle.In order to ensure the smooth progress of the competition, deal with various emergencies during the competition, and ensure the health and safety of athletes and spectators, 999 launched a comprehensive space emergency rescue mechanism provided by professional aviation medical rescue helicopters, international snow medical rescue vehicles and professional medical teams.This is the first time to launch the international snow medical rescue vehicle in 999, and also the first time to provide aviation medical rescue guarantee for a large international ski competition in 999.At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of the 2022 winter Olympics held smoothly, looked at badaling, 999, xuanhua, yanqing, zhangjiakou, worship ritual offers games such as landing point, and with the local chung li county hospital, the first hospital, Beijing medical university third hospital, zhangjiakou jishuitan hospital, china-japan friendship hospital, people’s hospital and so on the main hospital set up a green channel,Make sure the helicopter takes off and lands in case of emergency.