Zheng Shaoqiu of the Imperial Palace, wang Jin of clock repair division: choose a matter, “bell” lifetime

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In 2018, THE CCTV documentary “I Repaired cultural relics in the Forbidden City” achieved great success, which also introduced us to Wang Jin, the clock restorer of the Forbidden City. He became an Internet celebrity with no problem.Wang Jin will fire out of the circle, one is because he insisted on repairing ancient clocks and watches for 44 years, skilled, is the third generation successor of China’s ancient clocks and watches repair, two is because his appearance level is very high, elegant and tough, suddenly a look is Zheng Shaoqiu, with the imperial Palace zheng Shaoqiu reputation.Born and raised in Beijing, Wang often had to deliver meals to his grandfather, who worked in the Palace Museum library. As a result, he came into contact with the cultural relics of the Palace Museum early and fell in love with these national treasures.At the age of 16, Wang Jin took over his grandfather’s class and worked in the Clock repair department of the Palace Museum, where he began his life dealing with clocks and watches.The clocks and watches that he fixes are not general clocks and watches, and are mostly the senior playthings of the emperors who stay in the Qing Dynasty, the structure is extremely complex, shunzhi, Kangxi, Qianlong is the final feeling in the Western clocks and watches.The structure of the most complex magic man clock has 7 sets of systems, 5 sets of mechanical linkage, all the parts down more than 1000, light repair of the clock took wang Jin a year.It’s a tough job.In his first year at work, Wang jin had no chance to contact cultural relics. He just made a copper wire and made a shuttle to practice the basic skills of cultural relics restoration. It was not until four years later that he began to repair his first piece of cultural relics, a triangular wooden tower bell from the Qing Dynasty.Now retired, Wang has been rehired by the Cultural relics department of the Palace Museum. After 44 years of work, he has repaired more than 300 clocks, out of the more than 1,500 in the Palace Museum.The clock repair technique is the only non-material cultural heritage without fault left in the numerous restoration projects of the Forbidden City.When restoring cultural relics, we should be conservative as well as innovative.The basic principle of control is to repair the old.Wang Jin invented fishing line to repair the chain of the original clock, and paper money from the Republic of China to repair sheepskin airbags.He was 100% accurate in mending gears.Mending gears is a very patient job. The smallest gear is no more than a millimeter high and requires a magnifying glass to operate.Wang used to have a vision of 1.5 in both eyes. By the time he retired, his vision had deteriorated to 0.8.One can stick to a post for 44 years in one’s life, it is too difficult, not for money, not for fame and wealth, just like!