Jiangshan less than 300 years, the Ming Dynasty emperor story

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Ming dynasty is a very interesting dynasty. It lasted 276 years from 1368 when Zhu Yuanzhang proclaimed himself emperor to 1644 when Chongzhen committed suicide.In this 276 years, there have been 16 emperors, the longest reign of the 16 emperors is the Wanli Emperor, a total of 48 years, which is a very long time in the ancient Chinese emperors.Not many people have been on the throne longer than him. I know only emperor Wudi of han dynasty, Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty and Emperor Qianlong. I don’t know if anyone else has.His reign was slightly shorter than that of emperor Jiajing, who reigned 46 years.The third longest was Zhu Yuanzhang, who reigned for 31 years.The shortest reign of the Ming emperor was that of Taichang Emperor Zhu Changluo, who was the son of Wanli Emperor. He was the crown prince for half his life, and finally went with his father wanli before he became emperor for less than a month.Zhu Qizhen was the only Ming emperor to ascend to the throne twice. He became emperor at the age of 9 and was captured by Wara at the age of 23 in the “Revolution of The Earth”. He was returned a year later, but the throne had already fallen to his younger brother zhu Qiyu.However, his younger brother, Jingtai Emperor Zhu Qiyu, did not live long enough to become emperor for nine years. He died at the age of 30, so the throne returned to Zhuqi and he became emperor for a second time for another seven years.The oldest Ming emperor was Zhu Yuanzhang, emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty, who lived 71 years.The youngest was Zhu Youxiao, emperor of the Ming Dynasty, who only lived to 23.Generally speaking, Ming emperors did not live too long, except For Zhu Yuanzhang who passed 70 years old, the second longest was his son Yongle Emperor Zhu Di, who lived 65 years old, and the third longest was Jia Jing Emperor Zhu Houcong, who lived to 60 years old, the rest were not longevity:Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunwen would have been 26 if he had been burned to death (if he had escaped, that is an unsolved mystery, another matter);Hongxi emperor Zhu Gaochi was 48 years old;Emperor Xuande zhu Zhanji was 38 years old;The Orthodox emperor (tianshun for the second time) was 38 years old, and the Jingtai emperor Zhu Qiyu was 30 years old.Chenghua emperor Zhu Jiashen was 41 years old;Hongzhi emperor Zhu You 36 years old;Emperor Zhengde zhu Houzhao was 31 years old;Jae Ju 坖36;Wanli Emperor Zhu Yijun was 58 years old;Taichang Emperor Zhu Changluo was 39 years old;Chongzhen Emperor Zhu Youjian was 35 years old.Ming dynasty emperor is also one of the most multifarious dynasties, such as the completion of his mystery, captured by the enemy and put back the emperor Zhu Qi town, and not also the brother to the throne and the emperor of the brother house arrest Zhu Qiyu, recognize more than 120 godson absurd emperor Zhu Houzhao (seme), when less than a month to eat eat dead emperor zhu often, luo “elixir”Emperor Zhu Youxiao wanted to be a good carpenter.Perhaps because of the emperor of the Ming dynasty have these have distinguishing feature each, so the story of the left from the Ming dynasty is more, so now in the Ming dynasty as the background of the novel is very much also, last year alone, I would have read yan song “big flame gunman: serial man”, wang hang the case about a surprise: tong pak fu ink painting and calligraphy, YunChuan longitudinal “world non-toxic:”Dark Poison Shadow”, “Xu Xiake Mountain and River Chronicles 1-4” by Cha Xian, etc.These novels or security, patrons, or write Wen Lin lives, or write the royal clan, through to the pursuit of mystery and explore, let a person in the eyes, experience the brainstorming at the same time, also show the Ming dynasty society from a new perspective in front of the reader, let a person feel the contradiction and conflict in the process of social development of the Ming dynasty, dynasties of the experience and lesson.