New college entrance examination “3+1+2” model implemented, two subjects in the cold, teachers also “implicated”

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Guide language: speaking of the university entrance exam, you first think of is recently new new college entrance examination pattern, liberal arts branch is a common situation before, but now replaced by the new college entrance examination mode to give children a certain freedom, make training more efficient, but also makes the fiasco of some discipline into the dismal science.Is different from the previous liberal arts branch, the language is for the British political history of science, the science of learning is for English and chemical raw is, there are a lot of difference between the two liberal arts people don’t know what people learn science, while the students study science doesn’t know what is liberal arts learning, it also appeared polarization condition.So countries in order to solve this problem, gradually carry out a new college entrance examination pattern, on the basis of the number of English to choose three of your favorite subjects as the college entrance examination subjects, such as can choose language number outside, political history, also can choose language number outside materialized, what else can be free collocation, for example, physical chemistry of Chinese maths English political physical chemistry,Geography, physics, chemistry, history, that’s fine.Mainly according to their own personal strengths to choose their favorite or for their own discipline, during the college entrance examination to enter oneself for an examination subject to choose the school according to oneself, it is to make the talents training becomes more efficient, but also ushered in a new problem for students, is what most people will choose a few simple subject, makes more difficult subjects.1, high school life has changed, the two subject status changed high school students learning life does have some change, of learning course is no longer a single, in addition to the number of English is must learn, there are 12 kinds of combination can make their own choice, it also makes students for learning is becoming more and more interested in, make their high school life is colorful,But some related problems have arisen.For example section subjects lost out, quite a few students are really want to get good grades, is a natural choice for their own simple subjects, so difficult subjects, nature also won’t choose political need to recite too much, need points on the test point is too much, and often can’t get good grades, it also makes the students are not willing to choose politics.In addition to the multiple choice and judgment questions, there are also many theoretical questions, which need to be analyzed in combination with current events, which greatly increases the difficulty of learning. In order to avoid this situation, many students do not choose politics during learning.Besides politics, a family history is stipulated in the new college entrance examination pattern, between history and physical need to select a most people will choose physics, although some people think history does not have certain difficulty, but if you want to university life in the future to choose a favorite professional physics is very popular.Therefore, most people still choose physics, which makes the teachers of politics and history less and less popular, because fewer and fewer students choose politics and history, so there is no need for so many teachers, so in the exam, it is very unfriendly to the candidates of politics and history.2, the opinions and Suggestions for student should understand yourself is actually the student’s status, some subjects did not get the welcome of students, this is understandable, but for the positive future should not refer to blindly choose simple subject, if want to take an examination of civil servants or university is one’s deceased father grind, physical chemistry can choose politics.Because these three majors involve a very wide range of knowledge, conducive to postgraduate entrance examination and civil servant entrance examination, if you want to choose physical health, in fact, there is a certain difficulty, because there are more healthy students to choose these three disciplines, the competition has become more intense.If your own words expression ability is strong, and memory is outstanding, can choose a formal study or history, chemistry, politics and these are very suitable for good memory like liberal arts student, if feel you don’t have a high ability to learn, to learn the difficulty of low, you can choose politics, geography, history.Conclusion: whether to choose which all need to carefully consider several disciplines, because after all, not every combination is suitable for each and every one of the new college entrance examination mode, in recent years for the student’s influence is very big, once the wrong, so will affect their own life, after carefully choose also won’t regret it.