Scientific breeding makes life “cattle” up

2022-05-16 0 By

News from our newspaper (reporter Du Qianqian correspondent Ma Zengzeng Duan Kun Wang Yan) yogurt, milk powder, cake, fresh milk…These ubiquitous dairy products have become an indispensable part of people’s lives, and these products lack the raw material of high-quality milk.Good market prospects and the advantages of large dairy comprehensive enterprises near luancheng district dairy cattle breeding industry has been a good development.Recently, with the good omen of looking forward to the opening of the year “cattle spirit”, the reporter followed the staff of relevant departments in Luancheng District to interview the fukang dairy cattle breeding professional cooperative standard dairy cattle breeding farm.Into the fukang dairy professional cooperatives, volleys of cowshed strewn at random have send, a head of cow strong effort, while the warmth of the sun, do the comfortable to lie down in the sand bath in “sunshine”, automatic barn nightsoil system, under the iron chain pull “hua”, having completed the automatic cleaning of the barn, and complete the dry wet depart,Environmental protection is also achieved at the same time recycling and reducing costs.”Cooperatives are now more than 600 cows, all is according to the different periods of feeding cattle columns, and all are using imported raw materials to feed scientific proportioning and mixing, through scientific nutrition and feeding automation management, at present each cow milk production reached 30 kg, average daily productive than before 1 kg, greatly improve our economic benefits.”Liu Baoge, general manager of Fukang Dairy farming Professional cooperative, proudly introduced that, under the guidance and help of relevant departments in Luancheng District, the dairy farm invested more than one million yuan to install automatic milk upload, accurate feeding, breeding detection, environmental control and other automatic management monitoring system, to achieve automated standardized breeding,Not only the output has been improved, but also the quality has been guaranteed.In the milking hall, the reporter saw that from the cows into the factory to the milk out of the disinfection procedures are extremely strict, into the factory disinfection, disinfection on the cup, the first three cups of milk abandoned, to the last milk again disinfection, the whole operation is rigorous.When it comes to milk collection and transportation, Liu Baige is more sophisticated.”Now we use the milking equipment, 190 head of cattle 2 hours can collect completed, and the milk in the conveying pipe automatic cooling below 3 degrees Celsius, rapid flow through a pipeline to store milk pot, prevent microbes breeding, the immune active substances in milk obtained the maximum retention, makes all the milk they leave to ensure timely, fresh and health.”The high quality milk source also made the cooperative win stable sales channels, signed stable purchase and sales contracts with Dairy enterprises such as Junlebao, and won the award of Junlebao excellent benchmark Pasture, excellent milk source supplier and other trophies.According to vice adsense Wang Jiapeng LuanCheng district bureau of agriculture and rural areas animal husbandry workstation is introduced, the area in fukang dairy professional cooperatives and so on six cows farms as the core to build the green high quality raw milk bases, and the implementation of the dairy upgrading project as an opportunity to further improve the infrastructure, equipment, farms, built a high standard modern cowshed, modern milking parlour and waste treatment facilities,Configure related intelligent equipment, realize intelligent management, improve milk yield and fresh milk quality.In the next step, Luancheng District will continue to implement the revitalization strategy of dairy industry, improve the level of modern dairy cattle breeding, and strive to build demonstration farms such as pigs, beef cattle and poultry, so as to improve the economic benefits of animal husbandry and help rural revitalization and farmers to increase their income and get rich.