Small things are not small | I protect your warmth

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Trees have roots, water has source People are our eternal backer every day different stories are staged are the same emotion here we have the guard more have your warmth 1 “relay” trace, 15 minutes to find naughty children “comrade, my grandson can not find!”On The eve of New Year’s Eve, an old man rushed into the police station in a hurry, saying that he was out to play with his 4-year-old grandson. But in a twinkling of an eye, the child disappeared.Xi Luo Park police station, immediately transferred to the site of the monitoring, found that the child ran to the yangqiao direction.Xiluo Park police station immediately and yangqiao police station contact, Yangqiao relay tracking, soon found the lost child in a supermarket.When Yang Wei, deputy director of the bridge and Xi Luo Park police Lin Yuzhen will bring the child to the old man in front of peace.Only 15 minutes had passed.”Policeman comrade, can you help me look for my child?He’s been out since 3pm and hasn’t come back yet! ‘At 22 o ‘clock on New Year’s Eve, is near ma Jia Lou anti-special patrol detachment police Wang Haotian, Chen Yuankai, was a woman stopped for help, the woman said he and his child because of trivia quarrel, the child left home from the west at 15, the last call said in ma Jia Lou near the bridge, then the child has not answered the phone.According to the phone number provided by the parents, police officer Wang Haotian used his mobile phone to contact the boy. After four or five calls, the boy answered the phone, but because he was not familiar with the surrounding environment, he only said there was a sign reading “Yuquanying Bridge”.Police while pacifying the child, while around the fourth ring Road to find, turned 4 laps, finally in the “Fengqiao intersection east” bus station found the child, then contacted the anxious mother.Looking at two people away from the figure, two police hope mother and child can walk side by side together tomorrow.On the fourth night of the lunar New Year, youan Gate police station received a report from the public that her 14-year-old daughter had gone missing from her home at about 22:00.The father and daughter had a big argument over something trivial. After the argument, the child said he was coming downstairs to pick up the package and then “lost contact”.Police Yang Cheng immediately transferred to the district monitoring, all the way to find the trace of the girl, after 5 hours, finally found the girl shivering in the cold wind under the Taoran bridge.After finding the girl, police Yang Cheng and when the “peacemaker”, “a meal”, father and daughter said more communication in the future, more to respect each other.The police’s line and move the masses see in the eyes moved in the heart fengtai public security with their own way to warm the masses let February More warm Beijing