The Roewe RX3 PRO is in style

2022-05-16 0 By

In March, Roewe RX3 PRO is in fashion!1. No collision color is not trend, “tide” good: a new generation of Roewe RX3 PRO with orange, Ronglingray, high energy black, high energy white four car colors to choose from, the use of exclusive highlighting black ornaments, exclusive orange color decoration, exclusive highlighting black wheels.Tire outside diameter: 670mm, bigger, more sporty and more face.The system comes with a 10.1-inch suspension hd touch capacitive screen and 32 front LED headlights.2. Think what I think, smart and easy to use, “tide” easy to use: 4.4m large space, the same level to large riding space.Full state, easy travel, expansion state, light loose travel.IMAX large screen skylight is enjoyable.Long press 2s keyless entry button can start the vehicle, open the air conditioning, convenient and practical, the same technology cow.3. “Tide” : 360° panoramic image, SAIC Blumc 1.6L engine and analog 8-speed CVT transmission.Saic group endorsement, so that you open at ease, with worry.From now on, users who buy Roewe RX3 PRO can enjoy the following car purchase gift: cash gift: 5000 YUAN cash discount service guarantee gift: powertrain core parts lifetime warranty financial gift: a variety of flexible financial loans Roewe RX3 PRO – your intimate bodyguard, escort your travel.In March 2022, Roewe will send you a gift, and the benefits of car purchase will come. Many models will be selected to your eyes, and more benefits will be given to you. We sincerely invite you and your family to come for a test drive.