The recommended list is published!These families, collectives and individuals from Fujian were listed

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According to the official website of Fujian Women’s Federation on April 2,The 13th National Five Best Families and 2022 National Most Beautiful Families recommended by Fujian Province were published by the Provincial Women’s Federation recently.Details are as follows — In accordance with the spirit of the Notice of The General Office of the All-China Women’s Federation on The Selection and Recommendation of the 13th National Five Good Families and Advanced Collectives and Individuals for Family Work and the Search and Recommendation of the Most Beautiful Families in China in 2022 issued by the General Office of the All-China Women’s Federation (NO. 4, 2022),The 13th National Five Good Families, Advanced Collectives for Family Work, Advanced Individuals and the list of the most Beautiful Families in 2022 to be recommended by our province will be publicized from March 29, 2022, and the publicity period will be five working days.During this period, the masses are welcome to report the situation to the provincial women’s Federation by telephone, letter or visit.Public tel:Call time: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. every day during the publicity period,Address: No. 163, Hualing Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou 350003, Fujian Women’s Federation March 29, 2022 The specific list is as follows — the 13th National Recommended List of Five Good Families (27 families) Fuzhou (3 families) Chen Yuanchun Family Wu Shiba FamilyXiamen city (2) Wang Zongqing family Zheng Qixiang family Zhangzhou (2) HongBingHui family li-qin zhou family Quanzhou (four) ShiLiRong family li-hua Lin family Liu Zongxun family Zhang Hanzong family Sanming Huang Dongping family (2) tsan-hwei huang family Putian city (2) Song Qining family Zhang Haiyin family The family is (2) l LeiHuiQiang familyYu Jianping family Longyan City (2 families) Jiang Silian family Huang Xinyi family Ningde City (2 families) Shi Jinquan family Wang Zhouqi family Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone (1 family) Xie Xiangqi family Provincial direct organs (2 families) Li Zhibing familyTuDingFa family state-owned assets supervision and administration system (1) Shen Yaling family union system (1) province ShuangYongBan yan-hua huang family (1) ZhuangXiuKun family family work throughout the country advanced collective recommendation list (6) working committee for the care of the next generation of fuzhou drug zhangzhou city women’s federation nanping city women’s federation longyan city women’s federation of fuding pingtan comprehensive experimental area of women’s federation of womenFederation of national advanced individual family work recommended list (6) li jing fuzhou changle district women’s federation Li Yahua party secretary, chairman Xiamen hui and chairman li start Quanzhou city women’s federation work department minister Chen Chen family and children Sanming city people’s procuratorate prosecution, deputy director of the 6 li-ping zheng Putian city women’s federation, vice President of party members, Fang QiueDepartments directly under the women’s working committee of fujian province in 2022, director of the national most beautiful family recommended list (28) in fuzhou (4) Chen Bai 叡 family Lai wanfeng family Ho family Lin Jinsong xiamen YanYongHan family (2) Zhangzhou (2) Chen Yilan family qing-song Chen family Quanzhou (3 units) Ye Ruie family xiao-dong Chen family Cai Pengze familyLuo Jinbiao family Sanming (2 families) Guo Xiaohong family Xie Xiufeng family Putian City (2 families) Chen Zhisheng family Huang Zhaoqiong family Nanping City (2 families) Chen Jia Family Zheng Liangmao family Longyan City (2 families) Xie Dongqing family Huang Qisong family Ningde City (2 families) Zhong Tuanyu familyZhang Chengdu family Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone (1) Zhang Xiuqin family Provincial direct organs (2) Zhang Lina family CAI Shouping family SasAC system (1) Tang Yanxin family labor union system (2) Jiang Ssi family Liao Hongmei family Provincial double support Office (1) Xiao Fangfei family