Those classic life texts that get people into their hearts and lungs

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1. In “The Three of Us”, Yang Jiang wrote: “Peaceful time is a moment, while a patch of chicken feathers is a daily routine.Even if the world is occasionally thin and cool, the heart should flourish like a piece of brocade.Shallow xi, quietly love, deeply understand, light relief.Looking far is the scenery, see near is life.Only wish this life, years and sound, only warm words, not sad.2. I really like the words of Mr. Yang Jiang: People always swallow some grievances, then wipe their tears without saying a word and move on.No one can be like a white paper without a story, the price of growth is to lose the original.In fact, sooner or later you will understand, in addition to life and death, the other is only scratches.The pain of the bottom of my heart written in the face is called the vicissitudes of life, the injury of the bottom of my heart written in the eyes is called the story.Life long, generous what just as well.Heart has a story, face without vicissitudes of life.3. There’s no choice in relationships.Living married husband can choose, lovely on who can not choose.If someone is hesitant about love, it’s not because they haven’t thought it through, but because they don’t love you that much.Many feelings, always feeling difficult to restrain.Really decided to be together, will not miss to separate.So, don’t believe in emotional entanglements.Why is it hard to choose?Just not enough love.4. During the toughest times, don’t think too much about the future. Just encourage yourself to get through today.”Get through today” is the mantra to solve all problems, in fact, do not know when to get through.Later think, this is called “insist”.5. Life is uncertain, ups and downs, but in the past, everything is easy.No time can be retrieved, whether it is sadness or joy.Once clinging to things now may have long been unworthy of mention, once loved people may have become strangers.These seemingly simple truth, must be experienced in order to deeply understand.Lin Huiyin