Zhaomian Consumer Finance was fined 2.9 million yuan for eight violations, including exaggerated marketing and improper collection

2022-05-16 0 By

Beijing, February 8, according to the CBRC news on February 8, recently, the CBRC issued a fine, due to the existence of exaggerated marketing, misleading and other eight illegal facts, zhaolian consumer Finance Co., Ltd. fined 2.9 million yuan.Site (screenshot from silver circ) administrative punishment, according to the information table for league gold there are a number of illegal facts, including marketing exists, misleading, price a service charge of platform does not match, pricing management is not prudent, to merchants risk management does not reach the designated position, failing to report syndicated loans off-balance-sheet exposures, collection misconduct,Consumer rights and interests protection audit work is not standard, consumer complaints management work is not in place.In accordance with articles 21 and 46 of the Banking Supervision Law of the People’s Republic of China and relevant prudential operation rules, THE CBRC imposed a fine of RMB 2.9 million on ZHAopin.Reporter noticed that, as early as October 2020, consumer rights bureau had specifically called silver circ league away gold bulletin, enroach on consumer rights issues related to marketing exists, misleading, and improper fails to provide substantial services fees, mismanagement of the cooperation with suppliers, collection management does not reach the designated position, four violation behavior.According to the National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System, ZHAilian Consumer Finance was established in March 2015 with Zhang Yangqing as its legal representative and China Merchants Bank and China Unicom as its legal shareholders.On October 21, 2021, the registered capital of the company was changed from 3.869 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan, of which China Merchants Bank and China Unicom invested 5 billion yuan each, accounting for 50% of the shares respectively.