Zyl who is it?

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Zyl refers to the actors Zhu Yilong, Zhang Yunlong, Zhang Yunlei, Zheng Yunlong, etc.These stars are well known. Zhu Yilong and Zhang Yunlong are well-known film and television actors, Zhang Yunlei is a crosstalk actor in Deyun Society, and Zheng Yunlong is a musical, drama and film and television actor.The following details about the actor Zhu Yilong.In 2009, she made her debut in the movie Life After Death, and in 2018, she rose to stardom with the TV series Ghosts.In 2019, he appeared in “Whether You Know You Should Be Green, Fat and Thin” and was nominated for the 25th Magnolia Award for Best Supporting Actor.His representative works include “Rebooting the Extreme Sea To Hear Thunder”, “The Prodigal Son of the New Frontier Town”, “My Country and I”, etc.Zhu yilong has been steadily making television productions, and his dedication to acting is the faith that has kept him moving forward in the entertainment industry for so many years.He is a real eye technician.A pair of eyes can not only discharge, but also convey the emotional needs of the character in a timely manner.Sometimes dark and charming, sometimes naive, sometimes determined and imperious, it’s easy to get caught up in it.Zhu Yilong looks handsome, the attitude is diligent, has good artistic accomplishment.He is a big boy in life and a little shy with strangers, but in acting, he is a very diligent and dedicated actor.As an actor, he knew he needed work to improve his skills.Between actors and idols, he emphasized that he was an actor.For the roles he plays, he talks to his predecessors and wishes he had more time to carve.