Reconstruction of urban villages in Baoding: the basement structures of the three resettlement areas achieved the target of positive and negative zero

2022-05-17 0 By

Hebei news dispatch (horse chenhui, jian-feng wang, Shi Chen Chen) on March 31, with the last one negative one layer of roof concrete pouring is completed, China will build gezhouba municipal building in baoding city village renovation project three resettlement area, a total of 37 high-rise building basement structure all achieve positive and negative zero, the main building construction stage into the ground.The picture shows the production plate of the smart exhibition hall, which can monitor the construction progress in real time.It is understood that in August 2021, the second phase of baoding Urban village reconstruction project with an investment of 82.2 billion yuan was started, and 20 resettlement areas were planned and constructed, involving 29 villages, more than 14,800 households and more than 54,000 people.As the lead of the consortium, China Energy Construction Gezhouba Group is responsible for the project, which involves the reconstruction of 11 urban villages with a total construction area of about 3.11 million square meters.Among them, China Energy Construction Gezhouba Municipal Corporation is responsible for the construction of donghouying Village, Dayang Dongjie Village, Dayang Xijie village three resettlement areas.”It was an uphill battle from the beginning to meet the occupancy standards of 37 houses with the highest 26 floors in 18 months.”Project manager Zhou Jiaqi said, “we set up party member commandos, youth commandos, the start is sprint, the start is decisive battle, go all out to win the battle.”The picture shows the reconstruction site of zhongcun in Baoding city.The original site of the settlement area of Dayang Dongjie Village and Dayang Xijie Village is agricultural land. The settlement area of Donghouying Village is close to huanghuagou River channel, with poor geology, soft soil, large water content, shallow aquifer and other factors, which increase the difficulty of construction.At the same time, some objective problems, such as the small area of temporary soil pile, also hinder the construction.During the construction process, the project department followed the principle of “the main building first, the basement later, the masonry partition wall interspersion construction, the rough decoration of the inner wall and outer wall construction at the same time, and the public part and indoor construction at the same time”. The main building base was excavated first and CFG pile construction was carried out. The pile foundation construction and earthwork excavation were carried out simultaneously, which greatly improved the construction efficiency.The overall construction period of pile foundation in The settlement area of Donghouying Village is shortened by 25 days, that of The settlement area of Dayang West Street is shortened by 28 days, and that of the settlement area of Dayang East Street is shortened by 34 days. The main body of the settlement area of Donghouying reaches the target of positive and negative zero 10 days in advance.In order to improve the construction efficiency, the project department introduced “BIM+ Intelligent site system” to carry out information management of quality and safety work, and carried out field layout optimization, construction simulation, collision inspection and other work with the help of BIM technology, which reasonably optimized the construction scheme.According to Zhou Jiaqi, every manager has an APP on their mobile phone. They can easily enter and exit the construction site anytime and anywhere by using the matching mobile APP key, and monitor the latest situation of the construction site in real time.The picture shows the construction site of the settlement area.In 214 days, more than 80 management personnel, more than 2000 main construction personnel, more than 30 tower cranes, more than 7000 concrete tank cars, the project department successfully completed 37 residential buildings underground main body total construction area of 182,600 square meters, pouring concrete more than 100,000 cubic meters, using reinforced materials more than 28,000 tons……The builders of The Gezhouba project in China have demonstrated their practical image of “being brave to bear the heavy burden and winning the battle” with practical actions.The year of 2022 is a crucial year for baoding urban village reconstruction project.Zhou Jiaqi said that the project department will continue to aim at the top of the main building in September and the delivery of the use of the two nodes in April next year, under the guidance of the “spirit of baoding in the new era”, for the construction of the new Baoding continue to make China can build Gezhouba people due contribution.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.