The 5th Regenerative Medicine Forum of the International Society for Regenerative Medicine and Wound Repair was held

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The 5th International Society for Regenerative Medicine and Wound Prosthetics Video conference “Regenerative Medicine Forum” was held online on February 22nd.The 5th Regenerative Medicine Forum of The International Society of Regenerative Medicine and Wound Repair was held online.The forum was attended by researchers from Yale, California, Cambridge, and Oxford universities, as well as representatives of political, business, and non-profit organizations.California Speaker Anthony Rendon delivered opening remarks and California Representative Phillip Chen led the session.During the forum, Xu Peng, President of the International Society for Regenerative Medicine and Wound Repair and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mebo Group, Li Li, Chairman of the Xu Rongxiang Foundation, Lars Berglund, Associate Dean of the Biomedical Research Institute at the University of California, Davis, Raul Guzman, Director of vascular Surgery at Yale School of Medicine,Dr Bhasi Nair, Senior Research Fellow at Cambridge University and Director of data Science at EquiTech Futures,Rachel Wood, Director of Global Advancement and Engagement at Rhodes Trust, Oxford University, and others exchanged views on the role of scientific progress and development in promoting human health, the important role of open international talent cultivation in promoting academic development, and the role of data science and artificial intelligence development in promoting science.In his address, California State Speaker Anthony Rendon stressed the importance of building public confidence in science in the process of scientific research and development.Xu Peng, president of the International Society of Regenerative Medicine and Wound Repair, reviewed the outstanding contributions made by Professor Xu Rongxiang, founder of regenerative science, to regenerative medicine, and further clarified that the establishment of the forum serves as a valuable platform for global scientific exchanges.Regenerative medicine is a new field of modern science emerging in today’s world and the main trend of the future development of life science.In order to make the world within the scope of the public for regenerative medicine, enhance cognition, and promote the government and social support for regenerative medicine, engaged in cutting-edge young entrepreneur and social activist in the field of regenerative medicine Xu Peng in February 2018 by the international society for regenerative medicine and wound repair in Sacramento state building officially proclaimed.Society was founded five years, to about regenerative medicine together the legislative, administrative and academic and industry, and through the internationalization of regenerative medicine academic exchanges brought regenerative medicine to new heights, learn to academic footprint across China, the United States, South Korea, Greece, Ukraine, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries and regions.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: