Weining puyna: Melon and fruit fragrance helps rural revitalization

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“I watered it for the second time a few days ago, and you can see that some of the saplings have already started to leaf.”The clear sky coincides with a fine spring.In the yellow peach planting base in Zhonghai Village, Minna town, Weining Autonomous County, Bijie City, villager Li Renxiang observed the yellow peach saplings in the field. The saplings were planted just two months ago, which is a critical period. He came to the base several times a day to watch them.Li Renxiang told reporters that four years ago, the village planted 60 acres of yellow peach seedlings, to this year has achieved a high yield, so the village decided to expand the planting scale, the establishment of this area covers an area of more than 300 acres of yellow peach base.”There are 150 to 180 yellow peach trees per mu of land in the base, and each tree can produce about 50 jin of fruit after high yield.”Deng Zhijin, one of the partners of yellow peach base, told reporters that they had signed a cooperation agreement with the supply and marketing company of Guiyang, and the supply and marketing company out of technology and experts, yellow peach fruit to receive after the sale is not worried.Deng Zhijin is a large farmer in China Sea village, he planted morels last year into the picking period, just out of the morels greenhouse, he turned his head to the yellow peach base.”I invested more than 50,000 yuan in this peach base, mainly from the village.”Deng Zhijin said that zhonghai village yellow peach planting base is a project of guangdong and Guizhou cooperation, Guangdong side provided 900,000 yuan of driving funds, the rest is the village collective cooperatives to raise money, just to participate in the construction of yellow peach planting base villagers have 400 to 500 households.The yellow peach planting base is the third fruit planting base in Zhonghai Village, after apple and grape planting bases were established in the village.After deciding to establish the yellow peach planting base, land circulation became a thorny matter.Li Huaiming in the yellow peach base inspection when it comes to land transfer, the former director of the village committee Li Huaiming has the right to speak.The 59-year-old, who has been head of zhonghai village committee for 14 years, knows the basics of each household. He went door-to-door for a month to set up the yellow Peach base, which involved the land of more than 40 families.”They could not make much money from planting corn, potatoes and flue-cured tobacco before, so I took the profit of the 60 mu of yellow peach planted in the trial and compared it with them. They really thought it was more cost-effective to plant yellow peach, so they transferred the land.”Li Huaiming went to the base every day to check a circle, looking at the same yellow peach saplings a day, his face happy flowers.”I am also using my spare heat, as long as people in the village are living a better life, I am happy.”The peach base also provides local women with jobs closer to home, helping them with everything from planting, fertilizing, weeding and harvesting fruit.Women in the village were filling soil for yellow peach saplings, “ten yuan an hour, planting saplings can make a hundred yuan a day!”A woman who was helping to fill in the soil for yellow peach saplings said with a smile.According to China village party branch, vice secretary of huang, the next village of China will be under the condition of the stability of fruit production to further expand yellow peach, apple, grape fruit planting area, such as the characteristics of fruit planting base name “out”, strengthen the investment attraction, let more villagers to get rich “fruit”, use fruits help rural revitalization.Source: Visualize News Editor: Few truths