Can UZI still play?Korea lost 5 straight back to diamond 1, 0-13, 2-12 record of the teammates pit miserably

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Preface:As LPL against current players, the heat of the UZI has always been very high, in the back announced his retirement, the two stages, the search, overheat e-sports circles discuss detonated directly, but since announced a review of UZI began to plummet, from countless people look forward to, to now so taunt, all reasons are back but I do not come to play game,Of course, there is also the problem of mental instability during the live broadcast, BLG’s crazy hype to earn heat, but finally the blame is on UZI himself, this wave of comeback is really a loss.UZI Hanfu 5 consecutive losses back to drill a, 0-13ez pit miserable teammates neither play, nor open live, the Spring Festival this period of time UZI can be said to be subjected to the whole network ridicule, in the year after the start of the live broadcast room barrage is also the sunspot crazy screen, room management is a 365 days a second package, but this still can not stop the tide of ridicule barrage,Mentality is not very good uzi opens the silent mode, even when they’re live cameras also shut down, allowing the studio sunspot white chess, each other on February 9, uzi and there is no air at noon (not to air on time), but choose in hanbok Rank, because when air is easy to meet actors, not only on the hard, mentality is also will be affected.But RANk effect is not very ideal, starting from 12 noon to play qualifying, have been playing around 5 o ‘clock in the afternoon, a come up began to crazy practice field strong urban Fiji ryukyu, but record is a piece of red, directly to a wave of 5 in a row, there are two qualifying data, once let people doubt whether this UZI in playing games,At 2:49 PM in epius, UZI had a 2-12 record, and in EZ, he had a 0-13 record, which was really disappointing for his teammates. After 5 consecutive defeats, UZI also dropped from master to diamond stage.But two subsequent urban ryukyu and gold of ophir, have won the victory won after five straight row, because there is no open to live, whether continuous actor often let’s to say, but apparently after losing in the first three games, UZI mentality is out of the question, otherwise can’t play 2-12, 0-13 record, because from the perspective of the position of UZI recently,In addition to these two matches, there were no more than 10 dead matches. Another reason may be that there were few professional players at noon, so UZI didn’t meet any of them.Is there any chance UZI will play?Stuck in the master section, UZI’s personal power and status, do exist some problems, especially the mindset, probably because public opinion influence, plus game experience, it is easy to mentality explosion, this once upon a time a few days can see it in live, teammates a little mistake like actors, really a bit nervous, so the question comes,Is there any chance UZI will play in the spring in this situation?There are rumors that the show will take place after March, but it’s all on the grapevine.Personal feeling is unlikely, first in terms of strength, Doggo and UZI gap is very obvious, UZI hasn’t played for a long time, and power and status are no longer at the beginning, now peak Doggo, from the team performance into consideration, BLG choose UZI appearance probability is very low, the only possible,After BLG has confirmed the playoff spot, UZI will play against the weak team, and UZI has participated in BLG training games. If he is in good condition and good enough, BLG management will definitely let Doggo and UZI rotate.It has to be said that UZI’s comeback really outweighs the loss. In terms of the popularity of live broadcast, there was a tendency to catch up with official LPL events. The VIP seats were always 1W+, and even reached 2W at the high point, but now the popularity is no different from that of most anchors, fluctuating between 200W and 400W.Thousands of VIP seats were lost, and the number of black fans increased rapidly. Originally, it was to come back to pursue a dream, but now the match is not played, and the live broadcast, which had done well, has also started to decline rapidly. It is really a pity that both watermelon and sesame have been lost.Conclusion:From the point of the current of public opinion, UZI playing or not playing, is no longer important, because when opinion has the worst career, even the S8 loss to G2, a review of UZI now so exaggerated, if really, in the face of strong teams won also to say, once lost the will to endless ridicule, if face or weaker teams,Winning or losing won’t change UZI’s current situation, because it’s predictable: What’s the point of winning against a weak team?Such talk is bound to emerge.So do you think UZI has a chance to play?Welcome to comment!# League of Legends