Jinning Mining, Lugu Iron Mine labor union organized employees to donate money relief activities

2022-05-18 0 By

In march, on hearing of LuGu iron ore resigned personnel tan a seriously ill, dying, and his/her parents’ death, unmarried, unemployed, no income, childless, now living a very difficult situation, jin ning mining, LuGu iron ore trade union on the one hand, immediately to the community, town and county departments reflect a tan,On the other hand, in the company’s grass-roots labor union launched a donation to Tan love activities.As soon as the proposal was issued, Huang Bin, party Secretary and chairman, and Kang Wen, deputy Party secretary and general manager, took the lead in making donations, and the majority of employees responded positively.Although many people do not know Tan mou, but love in everyone’s heart, we generously donated money, just 2 days will be gathered to the company’s labor union.On March 29, zhou Hong, chairman of the labor union of the company, came to lugu Iron Mine staff hospital to visit the hospitalized Tan mou, the company’s employees to his charitable donation of 11840 yuan to tan mou hands, conveyed the majority of employees to his concern.Tan mou to the company and the majority of employees for his concern, love expressed heartfelt thanks.This donation activity fully reflects the warmth of the company family and the kindness of the staff.(Jinning Mining, Lugu Iron Mine)