Sarah Escobar: The Winter Olympics is the best birthday present FOR me

2022-05-18 0 By

“Participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics has been an amazing experience!It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.Everyone I’ve met since I arrived in Beijing is so warm and polite, we’re like a family.”Ecuadorian alpine skier Sarah Escobar, on her connecting flight home from Beijing, was full of praise for her experience at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Sarah is the first female athlete from Ecuador to compete in the Winter Olympics, and the only athlete in the Ecuadorian delegation. She competes in the alpine skiing women’s giant slalom.”Carrying the flag at the Beijing Winter Olympics has been the greatest honor of my life.This honor belongs to all Ecuadorians, to my country, my family, friends and all those who supported me.”When she talks about carrying the flag at the Winter Olympics, Sarah still can’t hide her excitement.”The Olympics is a unique place, it’s the biggest competitive sporting event in the world.It’s an honor to participate in the Winter Olympics.””The Olympic spirit brings us all together,” Sarah said. “Instead of focusing on our differences, we are all fighting for the sport we love, as an Olympic family.”On February 1, the first day of the Chinese lunar New Year, the Year of the Tiger, Sarah celebrated her 20th birthday in Beijing.”It was also my first training day after arriving in Beijing.When I returned to the athletes’ lounge after training, the staff wished us’ Happy New Year ‘and I told them it was my birthday, too.One volunteer gave me a Chinese knot and told me it was a symbol of good luck.”Sarah also received a birthday cake and flowers from volunteers and was delighted to be joined by other athletes in the village who wished her happy birthday.”Participating in the Beijing Olympics is the best birthday present FOR me.”She said.For more, check out the Winter Olympics newsletter.Source: Xinhua News Agency process editor: TF028