Weihai many business circulation enterprises jointly issued the initiative

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In response to the call of the CPC Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government to fight COVID-19, the CPC Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government took the initiative to shoulder social responsibilities and make every effort to ensure sufficient supply and stable price of daily necessities for the people of the city.Here, we issue a proposal and make a commitment to the general public: first, firmly respond to the call of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government, give priority to the overall situation, and give priority to epidemic prevention and control.2. Concentrate human, material and financial resources to increase the purchase of daily necessities and ensure adequate supply and variety of daily necessities.Iii. Resolutely abide by the regulations on the price difference between imports and sales of meat, eggs, vegetables, rice, noodles and oil implemented by the city, maintain the basic stability of market prices and stabilize people’s lives.Fourth, strictly control the quality of goods, and do not lower product quality standards due to price stabilization, so that citizens can buy with comfort and eat with confidence.5. Strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control regulations of Supermarket, ensure that staff wear masks, require people entering the mall to scan codes for registration, conduct temperature monitoring, and remind them to wear masks.Ventilate and disinfect the business place regularly to create a safe shopping environment for consumers.Vi. Strengthen internal management of enterprises, actively promote epidemic prevention and control knowledge, ensure that employees do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, and actively create a good public opinion atmosphere for epidemic prevention and control.7. Take the initiative to guide consumers to consume rationally and strengthen public confidence in winning the battle against the epidemic.We voluntarily accept government and social supervision.Proposed enterprises:Shandong Jiayue Group Co., LTD. Weihai Runhua Commercial Co., LTD. Weihai Runtai Commercial Co., LTD. Rongcheng RT-MART Commercial Co., LTD. Wendeng Rt-Mart Commercial Co., LTDLiqun Group Rushan Shopping Plaza Co., LTD. Weihai Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market April 5, 2022