Suning Tesco launched computer storm festival, computer burst 5 % off

2022-05-19 0 By

On April 2, Suning Announced the launch of the computer Storm Festival, jointly with Huawei, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Mechanics and other major brands to launch a computer for new discount activities, popular computers 50% off, in addition, through the purchase of old computers for new, enjoy the old for new subsidies up to 360 yuan.Accordingly, the Suning shopping computer storm festival started on April 2, April 7 – April 9 ushered in the outbreak, in addition to the explosion of 5 discount robbery and old for new subsidies, there are banks to high immediately reduced 300 yuan, at the same time the highest 24 phases of interest exemption and other preferential efforts superimposed, help consumers easily realize the computer for new.Since march, as local outbreaks, home office, the online course that occupy the home demand for laptops, tablets and other products, Su Ningyi purchase joint each big brand computers and with the Banks, launched against the storm big contributors to computer products, let everybody can easily obtain home office and network course learning quality equipment.Among them, in the suning Shopping computer Storm festival activities, lenovo small new Pad 11 inch learning tablet computer hand price only 1199 yuan, HP star youth edition 14S notebook PC straight down 400 yuan, Lenovo Rescuer Y9000P coupons immediately reduced 300 yuan, Huawei MatePad 11 tablet computer straight down 100 yuan and so on.In addition to the 2022 new iPad and Asustek, Acer and other popular models of computer discount, suning tesco search “computer Storm festival” to enter the event venue, the recent need for a new computer as soon as possible.