Gac Toyota Jinhua No. 1 Store Veranda limited time discount of 60, 000 yuan

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15 anniversary brand old shop, buy rest assured, with peace of mind!In 2021, China automobile circulation industry dealer group top 100 ranked seventh!★ The THS II hybrid system of Veranda has the highest thermal efficiency of 41% in the world, with a combined fuel consumption of as low as 4.6L per 100 km.The world’s first DTV torque vector four-wheel drive, which is the leading four-wheel drive system of Velanda.★ GaC Toyota’s selling point is “Toyota TNGA architecture”, its platform advantages can achieve low center of gravity, wide body and high rigidity, etc.★ The whole system is equipped with 7SRS air sac, TPWS tire pressure monitoring system, ABS anti-lock braking system +VSC body stability control system +TRC traction control system +HAC hill start auxiliary control system +BA braking auxiliary system and other active and passive safety configuration.Special offer: $6000 off velanda for a limited time!Evaluation gift: professional certified appraisers will evaluate for you for free, high price recycled second-hand cars, all models can be exchanged in the shop, to provide you with convenient and comfortable service!Test drive: you can get a beautiful gift when you come to the store for a test drive!Door-to-door gift: if you can’t take the time to my shop to see the car, as long as you a telephone we can door-to-door service!Address:Jinhua Xianqiao Auto City No. 8 promotion time from February 17, 2022 to February 18, 2022 Preferential conditions in-store insurance, in-store licensing, in-store loans The latest quotation of Veranda models manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Jinhua quotation double engine 2.5LTwo-drive leading version 205,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 199,800 yuan 2.5L two-drive premium version 239,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 2.5L two-drive science and technology edition 242,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 236,800 yuan 2.5L dual-driveTwo-drive deluxe edition 228,800 yuan, 228,800 yuan, two-engine 2.5L four-drive deluxe edition 241,800 yuan, 600 yuan, 235,800 yuan 2.0L two-drive leading edition 171,800 yuan, 600 yuan, 165,800 yuan 2.0L2.0-L Four-wheel drive science and technology edition 228,800 yuan 226,600 yuan 228,800 yuan 2.0-L four-wheel drive distinguished edition 226,800 yuan 226,600 yuan 228,800 yuan 2.0LTwo-drive deluxe edition 198,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 192,800 yuan 2.0L Four-drive deluxe edition 207,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 201,800 yuan 2.0L two-drive deluxe PLUS edition 208,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 194,800 yuan 2.0LFour-wheel drive luxury PLUS version 209,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 203,800 yuan 2.5L two-wheel drive luxury PLUS version 238,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 224,800 yuan 2.5L two-wheel drive luxury PLUS version 243,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 237,800 yuan