How to deal with children’s “lucky money”?Don’t be careless. How parents deal with it affects their children

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Chinese New Year, the most happy thing for children is to be able to receive red envelopes, whether in their own home or to go to their grandmother’s house, can receive a lot of red envelopes.You can get red envelopes from mom and dad, as well as other relatives and friends, so that you will have a lot of money in your pocket.With this money, you can buy sugar or toys, or other books.In this way, Chinese New Year is really a very happy thing, but some parents do not allow their children to get their own red envelopes, must let these New Year’s money handed in, this practice is really reasonable?A, children’s New Year’s money in the end to confiscate it?Different approach can lead to children’s life is 1, the child’s New Year’s money should not be confiscated, every parents to children lucky money is different, the child’s personality and life will be different in the New Year parents think children should not take the money, because some parents give lucky money, or more,Friends and relatives will also give more money, so that all the money added up to more than 1,000 yuan.If the child takes this money to squander at a young age, he may become an unthrifty person in the future, and he may become a spender.So parents also have their own concerns, feel that helping children with New Year’s money is a good thing, almost a lot of parents will like to help children tube New Year’s money, help children with New Year’s money, but this practice will also have drawbacks.Huang is a mother of an ordinary family, Huang is particularly like to help children tube New Year’s money, when the child was small, huang’s mother helped the child with New Year’s money, then huang’s child grew up has read high school, but huang is still helping the child, receiving New Year’s money every year.Yellow children grew up later turned into a stingy person, because they did not own pocket money, from New Year’s money all by mom, so little kids even wanted to buy a new toy, want to buy some articles for daily use and exercise books, all need to ask mom for money, feel oneself is a person asking for money.So huang’s children want to buy some birthday cakes, want to buy toys for their friends are not allowed.Other students and friends around think that Huang’s child is a very stingy person. As time goes on, Huang’s child also thinks that he is a stingy person.So every birthday, other students are afraid to talk to Huang’s children.We all thought the child was too selfish and mean to give a birthday present.Not only that, because huang’s children can not have their own lucky money for a long time, they do not know how to manage money.No matter which parents give their children money, the children will immediately run out of money, do not know how to save money.Guo is a person on the contrary, Guo does not like to receive children’s New Year’s money, Guo think children’s New Year’s money should be their own, because of the New Year’s money, children want to buy what can be bought by themselves.Guo is very open to children.Guo’s children have learned to buy funds and stocks when they were in college.In addition, when buying funds and stocks, they are also very cautious and will not be extravagant because they have lucky money in their hands.Gu’s child is also a generous person, usually classmates birthday, he will buy gifts by himself.And the relationship between the students are relatively good, popularity is also good, because he is more generous, so many children like to play with Guo’s children.Two children grow up in different families, because the parents of the lucky money management method is not the same, the child’s personality will be different, the child’s character will be different.So we can obviously see whether parents should confiscate children’s lucky money.Second, the child’s New Year’s money is not a big number, parents can not confiscated, freedom for children to play with 1, as long as parents can education good boy, believe that children are not a man like waste a lot of parents don’t give money to children, rest assured New Year’s money and to help your child to confiscate, it actually is not quite right, the parents education their children,Let them not splurge, be thrifty, let them buy whatever they want, and don’t waste money by buying everything on a whim.If parents can educate their children in this way, they will not become a spendthrift when they have a family and a career.And after the child has the New Year’s money in his hand, he wants to buy what things can call the shots, do not need what things are reported to the parents, become a child will never grow up.With more assertiveness and autonomy, your child will become a more creative person and learn to manage money from the get-go.This is of great help to the growth of children, for the child’s personality, will also be of great help.To sum up, many parents like to help their children manage the New Year’s money, like confiscation of children’s New Year’s money, this approach is not objective.Different parents will cultivate different children, and different ideas will also affect the growth of children.Therefore, parents should learn how to cultivate children’s New Year’s money to teach children how to use it correctly, but also need to bring the correct three views to children.Different lucky money management methods seem to be a small thing, but in fact, it can really affect a child’s life.