Li Xiaopeng coach national football contract cycle no official view!Is it temporary worker + scapegoat?

2022-05-20 0 By

The Chinese national Football Team will face Japan in the 7th round of the round of 12 tomorrow night, but before the game, reporter Zhao Yu revealed that the Chinese Football Association has not made an official statement about the period of Li Xiaopeng’s contract, which is a very unprofessional behavior.Some analysis believes that the Football association will still take Li Xiaopeng as a temporary worker, or the role of scapegoat.When Li Tie took office at the beginning of 2020, the FOOTBALL Association said that li Tie’s contract to the end of the top 40, depending on the performance of whether to renew.Li tie himself said he would renew his contract with the Chinese football Association if he made it out of the top 40, and his tenure in the national football Team would come to an end if he failed.After leading the team to the top 40 and securing a spot in the top 12, the association renewed Li’s contract in accordance with his contract. In a press conference before the round of 12, the association also revealed that Li’s contract would last until the end of the 2026 World Cup.After Li Xiaopeng took office instead of Li Tie, the cfa official did not disclose the contract period of Li Xiaopeng. It was only reported by the media that the contract between Li Xiaopeng and THE CFA would be signed at least until after the Asian Cup in 2023, but this statement was not confirmed by the CFA official.Reporter Zhao Yu analysis that the FOOTBALL association has not been on Li Xiaopeng contract cycle to an official statement, this is very unprofessional, but also let a person disappointed.If Li Xiaopeng’s coaching performance is not good, the problems li Tie once faced will be repeated in Li Xiaopeng. “Coaches who can coach the National football Team have their own experience, but these experiences will not work in the National football Team.”Since Li Tie’s time, there have been voices outside that domestic coaches coaching the National football team is a temporary job, but also after the problems of the National football team, the Chinese Football Association as a temporary job.The team’s national soccer team