Report card of Hainan’s foreign trade in 2021: total value of import and export of goods trade is 147.68 billion yuan

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Hainan’s foreign trade highlights in 2021.According to customs statistics, the total value of import and export of hainan’s goods trade in 2021 was 147.68 billion yuan, up 57.7% from 2020, 36.3 percentage points faster than the national growth rate, ranking the third in the country.Exports totaled 33.26 billion yuan, up 20.1%;Imports totaled 114.42 billion yuan, up 73.6%.Compared with 2019, the province’s foreign trade imports and exports increased by 63 percent.Press conference on Hainan’s foreign trade and Import in 2021.2021 is the first full natural year for the construction of hainan free trade port.In the face of the severe impact of COVID-19 and various risks and challenges, the people of The province have braced together and pushed forward the pilot expansion of the “first-line” free trade port and the “second-line” import and export control system.Early arrangements such as the positive list of “zero-tariff” transportation vehicles and yachts, the negative list of “zero-tariff” production equipment for self-use, and the duty-free domestic sales of goods processing value-added exceeding 30% in the Yangpu Bonded Port area have been implemented and continue to play their roles, promoting the strong development of Hainan’s foreign trade.In 2021, the province’s foreign trade imports and exports mainly present several characteristics.First of all, the import and export scale expanded quarter by quarter, and the monthly import and export value continued to hit new highs.In 2021, the import and export value of Hainan in the four quarters was 26.31 billion yuan, 32.45 billion yuan, 42.77 billion yuan and 46.15 billion yuan respectively, showing a trend of gradual expansion, with year-on-year growth of 30.3%, 63.4%, 84.8% and 51.7% respectively, the growth rate was significantly ahead of the national level in the same period.Especially in November and December, the import and export value of the province reached 16.77 billion yuan and 17.27 billion yuan respectively, and the monthly import and export scale continuously hit a record high.In 2021, Hainan made continuous efforts in import expansion, maintaining import growth of more than 50% for 12 consecutive months. The annual cumulative import volume exceeded 100 billion yuan, exceeding the total import and export value of previous years, with an increase of 73.6%, ranking second in China.In 2021, the number of cities and counties carrying out foreign trade in Hainan will increase, and the import and export of most cities and counties will maintain growth. Danzhou, Haikou and Sanya will rank top three in terms of import and export.Compared with the previous year, the number of cities and counties with import and export records in 2021 increased to 18, including Sansha, Qiongzhong and Baoting.Except for 3 cities and counties, the other cities and counties all increased to varying degrees.Among them, qionghai, Wanning, Lingshui, Wuzhishan, Baisha, Danzhou (including Yangpu), Chengmai and Ledong saw growth rates of more than 50%.Danzhou, Haikou and Sanya take the top three places in terms of import and export value, with 70.35 billion yuan, 47.64 billion yuan and 21.91 billion yuan respectively, up 104%, 28.4% and 27.4%, accounting for 47.6%, 32.3% and 14.8% of the total import and export value of the province in the same period.With the further acceleration of hainan’s opening-up, the enthusiasm of various enterprises in trade has been effectively stimulated.In the past year, the number of foreign trade entities in Hainan has also increased rapidly, the business environment at ports has been optimized, and the position of private enterprises as the largest operating entity has been further consolidated.The province added 19,200 foreign trade enterprises for record, an increase of 412%.In particular, the business environment at ports has been optimized, making it easier and faster for enterprises to go through customs clearance procedures.According to the data released by the National Administration of Coastal Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, in December 2021, the overall customs clearance time of import and export at Hainan ports was 26.83 hours and 0.71 hours respectively, 36.1% and 4.1% less than the same period in 2020, and faster than the national average of 6.14 hours and 0.52 hours respectively.In 2021, the import and export of private enterprises in the province will reach 74.24 billion yuan, an increase of 135%, accounting for 50.3%, 16.5 percentage points higher than that in 2020, further consolidating their position as the largest business entity in foreign trade.In the same period, imports and exports of state-owned enterprises reached 40.76 billion yuan, up 29.7%;Imports and exports of foreign-invested enterprises reached 32.59 billion yuan, up 7%.Hainan’s foreign trade development is also characterized by its trade with RCEP members in recent four years, closer trade with developed economies such as Europe and the United States, and rapid growth of import and export to countries along the “Belt and Road”.In 2021, Hainan’s imports and exports to other 14 RCEP members reached 58.08 billion yuan, up 46.7 percent and accounting for 39.3 percent.Of this, 24.92 billion yuan was exported to 10 ASEAN countries, up 5%;China’s imports and exports to Australia totaled 21.17 billion yuan, up 239.4%;Its imports and exports to Japan and the ROK were 7.75 billion yuan and 4 billion yuan, up 22.5% and 32.1% respectively.During the same period, China’s import and export to the EU reached 21.59 billion yuan, up 39.4%;Imports and exports to the US reached 12.77 billion yuan, up 47.7%;Imports and exports to countries and regions along the Belt and Road totaled 43.95 billion yuan, up 40.3%.Statistics show that consumer goods accounted for nearly 40 percent of imports, while cosmetics imports and exports of mechanical and electrical products grew rapidly.In 2021, Hainan imported consumer goods to 43.55 billion yuan, up 29.2%, accounting for 38.1% of the total import value of the province in the same period.Among them, imported cosmetics 25.08 billion yuan, an increase of 17.2%, to drive the growth of China’s cosmetics imports ranked second in the country, reaching 25.9%.In the same period, the import of metal ore and ore was 23.67 billion yuan, up 519.1%;Basic organic chemicals 8.12 billion yuan, up 62.8%;Coal 6.39 billion yuan, up 132.8%.In terms of exports, mechanical and electrical products were 8.34 billion yuan, up 69.1%, accounting for 25.1%;3.83 billion yuan of agricultural products, up 9.7%, accounting for 11.5%;Medical herbs and medicines amounted to 2.22 billion yuan, up 388.7%.On the whole, Hainan’s foreign trade got off to a good start in the 14th Five-year Plan.In 2022, foreign trade faced with uncertain, unstable and unbalanced factors increased, this year the province’s foreign trade operation is facing certain pressure.However, China’s economy is resilient and the long-term positive fundamentals will not change, and Hainan is in the period of releasing the dividend of the free trade port policy. It is expected that the province’s foreign trade import and export will continue to maintain rapid growth this year, and it is expected to achieve the foreign trade development goal of the “14th Five-year Plan” in advance.