Xuyi Chengnan Central Kindergarten (Shagang Park, Linhuai Park) has launched a series of activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival

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The Lantern Festival is here!New Year years by the hand, just in the spring of the bell, we ushered in the lively Lantern Festival, in order to let the children feel the Lantern Festival of traditional culture and folk customs, on February 15, 2022, xuyi kindergarten (huai) in the sand hills, south of the city center to the class as the unit to carry out the various forms of “a happy heart make yuanxiao” theme activities.The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, this day how little interesting guess riddles.Guessing lantern riddles, also known as playing lantern riddles, is a folk entertainment activity with unique national style in China. Children hang lanterns and guess lantern riddles to add atmosphere to the festival.Combined with the mascot elements of the Current Winter Olympics, the kindergarten taught children to make a clay version of “Snow Rong-rong”. At the same time, it also organized children to make hand-made works with the theme of Yuanxiao by drawing and pasting.The kindergarten also prepared rich food materials for the children, and carried out food education courses on making tangyuan.Under the guidance of the teacher, the children discussed tangyuan and learned about glutinous rice dough.The children started to make tangyuan. Colorful glutinous rice balls with fruit juice and vegetable juice rolled in the hands of the children, wrapping good wishes into the round tangyuan.Finally, in the infinite vision and expectation of each child tasted their own delicious dumplings.Through the implementation of the Lantern Festival theme activities, not only enrich the activities of children, but also further let children feel the festive atmosphere of happiness.Hope that through such activities, can let children understand the meaning of the Lantern Festival, inherit this belongs to the traditional culture of Chinese civilization.In this beautiful festival, chengnan Central Kindergarten would like to wish all families like yuanxiao reunion, Hehemeimei, together look forward to a better life in the future!Reporting by Gan Ping and Huang Meng Review by Zhu Xiaorong