Blockbuster: the global MCU top god to join the local smart microelectronics

2022-05-21 0 By

Geoff Lees, a world-renowned semiconductor MCU expert, has joined Smart Microelectronics as senior Vice President of Strategy and innovation, according to the company’s website.Geoff Lees is a former senior vice president and General manager of NXP Semiconductor’s Edge Processing Division.During this time, he led the product and RESEARCH and development departments to drive the rapid growth of the microcontroller, application processor and network processor businesses and establish The company as a giant in the embedded systems industry.Prior to that, Geoff was Senior Vice President of Freescale Semiconductor, responsible for microcontrollers and application Processors.As a veteran in the MCU field, Geoff Lees has been focusing on MCU for more than 30 years. He launched the first 32-bit flash MCU in the industry, led the development and launch of the first MCU with Cortex-M0 and dual-core M0 / M4 architecture, and initiated the heterogeneous asymmetric Arm multi-core architecture.And introduced the concept of i. mx RT series of crossover processors.In addition, Geoff has propelled the I.MX application processor to become the most popular ARM-based processor in automotive, industrial, e-reader, and mass markets.Dr. Zhongjie Wu, founder and Chairman of Lingdong Microelectronics, spoke highly of Geoff: “For Lingdong, the joining of Geoff Lees is of extraordinary value.He is an outstanding leader in embedded systems, bringing not only professional experience, but prestige and connections.Geoff’s addition will help Nimitech to position MM32 as a more cutting-edge product, expand MM32’s visibility in China and the global market, expand and increase its market share among more customers, and shape the long-term future development strategy of MM32 MCU in the high-end industrial, IoT microcontroller and automotive electronics sectors.”Microcontroller Unit;MCU, also known as the Single Chip Microcomputer (Single Chip Microcomputer), is the Central Process Unit;The frequency and specification of CPU are appropriately reduced, and the peripheral interfaces such as memory, Timer, USB, A/D conversion, UART, PLC, DMA and even LCD driver circuit are integrated on A single chip to form A chip level computer.Different combinations of controls for different applications.Such as mobile phone, PC peripheral, remote control, to automotive electronics, industrial stepper motor, robot arm control, etc., can be seen MCU figure.IT home learned that The official website of LACTIn microelectronics said that Lactin was founded in 2011, is China’s local leading universal 32-bit MCU products and solutions supplier.MM32MCU products developed by the company based on Arm Cortex-M series kernel have four series of F/L/SPIN/W. At present, more than 200 models have been mass-produced, and hundreds of millions of products have been shipped. Every year, nearly 100 million of excellent products equipped with smart MM32MCU have been delivered to customers.In the local general 32-bit MCU company in the forefront.