Four toxic?Tottenham have paid the price for their winter window move after the top three of the Premier League were all beaten

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Manchester United were held to a 1-1 draw at home by Saints Southampton, leaving two top-four rivals West Ham united and Tottenham Hotspur beaming.Later, however, only to let their fans were very disappointed, west ham at crown court 2-2 draw with leicester city, played a game more than 1 minute, just ahead of Manchester united, while iron handsome conti at tottenham hotspur more miserable, they at home 2-0 was played by the Wolf can’t find north, suffered three defeats after ranking has slipped to no. 8.Conte last suffered three league defeats in a row back in November 2009 when he was in charge of atalanta, losing 1-0 at livorno and 3-0 at Cagliari before being thrashed 5-2 at home by his former club Juventus.Prior to that, his spurs were unbeaten with nine games, six wins and three draws.Wolves and lost the race only 17 this season, the data after Manchester city, is the second best defensive teams in the premiership, although the game with harry Kane and cloth Min such big hitman spurs, they still played, after 17 minutes, they are relying on Jimenez and east Kerr scored a 2-0 lead.Tottenham fought back but failed to open the net and ended up with a 2-0 defeat.Conte deployed his usual 3-4-3 formation, with Sesgnon and Doherty flanking one left and one right.But after conceding two goals in the opening 17 minutes, the manager made quick adjustments and switched to 4-4-2 after 25 minutes, replacing Sessegnon with Khurusevski.And in the 81st minute of the second half, Brazilian winger Emerson also came on to replace right-back Dougherty, replacing two wingers in one game, a sign of conte’s dissatisfaction with both sides.In 81 minutes, Doherty was unremarkable in defence, making a game-high four tackles but only one successful cross in attack.In fact, the right-back position has always been tottenham’s biggest weakness, with doherty, who was brought in for 16.8 million euros in the summer of 2020, well known for his poor quality.He has not played much under Jose mourinho.To fill the gap, Spurs bought Emerson from Barcelona for 25 million euros last summer, with the Brazilian winger, who had been crowdfunded by Barcelona and Betis, earning 5 million euros for each team.But on the basis of his performances this season, Spurs have clearly been duped again.They spent more than 40 million euros on a pair of cheap goods, and this winter they bought two juve players, Bentancour and Khurusevski, for a total of 29 million euros, but the point is, neither of them were the type spurs needed, so it was like spending money on the back of a knife.Is there really no good right back in the market?Newcastle skipper John Tripper scored for the second game in a row to move four points clear of the relegation zone with their third successive 1-0 win over Aston Villa.Since joining Newcastle in winter, Tripper has started all four premier League games, scoring two goals, making six key passes and averaging 3.50 tackles, 2.50 tackles and 1.50 clearances as Newcastle have won three games and drawn one.What’s more, Newcastle paid a mere 15 million euros for Tripper, who was worth less than Doherty two years ago.His technical style is a perfect fit for Conte, who likes to use three central defenders.But tottenham saw the former defender go to Newcastle, who were struggling to avoid relegation.Given that traore and Luis dias had been missed, levy, the seemingly shrewd manager of the club, had never changed his habit of buying people like lottery tickets.