Ordinary, narcissistic, and heartless?

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A girl with a sharp tongue looks at a cute young actress.There is also a rare bookish!Again as an adult actor ↓ Leng!And clunky!Compared to the two, the latter’s eyes and manners are really not as good as children’s genteel scholar atmosphere.Really, it is quite normal for the audience to feel so ↓.As a result, did not expect ↓ Tong Mengshi would start their own square security patrol to bad comments on the up.Oh, my God, an actor can’t even accept the audience’s perception of how awkward they are?Glass heart so easily broken, otherwise stick a film –article_adlist[]article_adlist–>–article_adlist[]article_adlist–>This way ↓ can not be divided into the ancient ugly male camp, but also absolutely can not nominate the ancient handsome male.In addition to the facial features almost mean, (when Li Xiaoyao if he this level, estimated red can not) more important or temperament is also some blunt, demeanor are general.Objectively speaking, plasticity is not high.Only encounter dress up and set the role that avoids short raise long and long (for example five bamboo) just can have still ok effect.Other……Even modern dramas are hard to shine…Like the first time “Don’t be so proud” ↓ is not also laughed at.In the entertainment circle, the comprehensive level (refers to the appearance level is not enough, acting can not gather), slant idol theme, the proposal or a bit sober ha.What’s even more discouraging than ordinary — ordinary and narcissistic.”Jade face peach blossoms always meet” cast him as the male lead, so to speak from the casting collapse.The image of a charming scholar should be clear and handsome but weak, rather than stupid or not stupid, fine or not fine, repeatedly jumping between pretending to be innocent and showing intelligence, emitting a very deliberate air from inside to outside.Vulgar (not down-to-earth) …………Of course, if the show is not good, he is not the only blame.Play as a whole to give a person’s sense of view, almost belong to “a bowl of water flat” general []article_adlist–> []article_adlist–>Just finished teasing the rhythm is flat, and want to say the story is good suspension empty……After watching a few episodes, it is really hard for you to find a reason to chase down.Look at it as the theme of farming – I found that the breath of life was not enough, except for the first few fireworks and gas shots, which were generally divorced from the tone of farming literature.She is a butcher’s girl in the market, but she lives with the ancient high door expensive woman……Not only did her sense of reality suddenly drop, but so did her expectations of accumulating wealth.Want to be the subject matter of love look — two ↓ gather together and make not enchanted picture.Instead, be a light comedy — and I have to say, what’s more disarming than being boring is thinking you’re funny.The part of it that’s trying to be funny looks like someone’s trying to tell you a bad joke that you’ve heard so many times…It was really awkward.Nothing smells right.To sum up —