Sadness behind wearing wigs: Just want to live a normal life like normal people

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Most people are afraid of sagging and wrinkles with the growth of the age, but for women to buy a wig, hair is the most important thing, when the hair, leaving a white scalp, their self-esteem will be stung with strange eyes and the words, to make matters worse, this represents a they’ve lost their lives.A cancer mother used her baby as a ‘motivator for survival’ and decided to have chemical treatment that left her hair falling out in clumps, but when she lost her hair, the two-year-old became scared and cried and kept her away.”The child may not feel the same as the mother before.”Zhang meijuan said that when the other party looked for her, he explained the details of his hair, only a few centimeters below the shoulder, but also insisted on hair, face also blurred, “give me a wig exactly the same as the picture.”After putting on the wig, the young mother said she found it ‘realistic’ because her baby was willing to be held again.Every day, countless women come to Ms. Zhang to make wigs, hoping to regain their sense of security: one daughter wants to make a wig for her mother, as if she is always by her mother’s side, while the middle-aged woman discreetly asks if she can wear a wig in the bathroom.Because her baldness is a scar she doesn’t want people to see.There was also a package from a cancer hospital, full of drugs, containing a hairpiece in maintenance, the last vestige of decency a female patient wanted to maintain.What this wig does is it restores the customer to his original appearance.The wigs they made for themselves, they’re all exactly the same, like her original bangs, after the chemical treatment, her hair fell out, and then when she came here, it would be cut into bangs, not like before, with curly hair, so no one would notice.Their only wish was that I wanted to live a normal life like other people.Once, we got a package with a wig in it.Look at the address. I think it’s a cancer hospital.In addition, the sender is not one of our customers and the phone number is not correct. It must be sent by a relative or friend.Open a look, there is a medicine box, which put a wig, a faint fragrance of medicine.This package was opened by one of our customer service staff, and she said she felt very upset.Even though her patient was still receiving treatment, she sent her a wig, which would have been so bad if she hadn’t been nursed that it would have been easy to tell it was a wig, but we could sense that she wasn’t doing very well, because she didn’t give it to her, she gave it to someone else.From those little details, you can imagine what kind of pain everyone is going through, and you can even feel, in her body, that she wants to be more beautiful, or more confident.We made it a point to replace her wig with a new one, so it wouldn’t at least remind her of her illness.