Use leftover ingredients to make delicious food

2022-05-21 0 By

Left some dumpling skin and fresh noodles, do not eat the expiration date.I mix the two together and add a little warm salted water to form a soft dough, which ferments on top of the heating tube.’t ready to do in the afternoon eat scallion pancakes, rolling pin, is in a house in the corner to a 60 cm long steel tube, with warm water and detergent steel wire brush to clean the clean, very comfortable to use, because of its own has a certain weight, so, roll up the surface rather than wooden rolling pin to use, to a higher efficiency.Roll out the dough into thin sheets, drizzle with peanut, sesame and sichuan pepper oil, sprinkle with a little pepper, finely ground salt and chopped scallions, roll them into buckets, cut them flat, and roll them out one by one.Heat the pan and cool the oil, add the temperature to about 60 degrees Celsius, fry the cake in the pan until both sides are brown, put it out of the pot to about 12 degrees Celsius for the best food, because the temperature of the food is still crisp outside and tender inside, salty, fragrant, hemp and crisp, and not hot mouth, so the taste is the best.According to the way of eating in the north, this pancake should be served with boiled fish.I only have two swallows I bought in the morning on the way to charge the water bill, seafood soy sauce braised in soy sauce, and a sea crab I bought together. I steamed it and made do with it.Waste not waste, clever use.When in Rome, do as the Romans do.The collocation between food ingredients is not invariable, the good collocation is the perfect match.Just like the Chinese men’s football team, it is necessary to engage in any lalang match, a team has to be divided into several regional gangs, just to take care of those relations and leaders of the face of the team, how can there be combat effectiveness and tacit understanding?The ball is the same, the feeling is the same.When the Chinese men’s football team and the program team can choose their players and programs just like I do when COOKING dishes and selecting ingredients, and give the coaches, players and staff freedom, tolerance and creativity, then the Chinese men’s football team and the Spring Festival will have hope, and the double “evil spirit” of Chinese New Year’s Eve and The First Day of the Spring Festival will not become the laughingstock of the world.