Using good cruise speed to cruise high speed long distance saves more than half of the effort

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It is a good time for spring outing.But driving long distances can be a challenge, too, with sore ankles on the gas pedal and drowsiness from excessive concentration.Apart from opening Windows for ventilation, playing different styles of music, smearing wind oil and other effective refreshing methods to reduce fatigue, how can you also reduce the burden of driving?Cruise control is at your service!What is cruise control?Cruise cruise is also known as the speed control system, its role is: after the system is opened without stepping on the accelerator pedal, it can advance according to the speed set by the driver.In the long distance driving can greatly reduce the driver’s burden, but the vehicle to the set value forward, does not mean that we can not step on the accelerator, in the cruise state can also step on the accelerator for overtaking, release the throttle, the speed will be reduced to the original set value.The cruise control function is currently carried by the following models: Hauying, Guandao, Abinze (CVT flagship version), Accord · Hybrid, Accord · T-move (Magic Night · Distinguished version, Magic Night · flagship version), Grid (science and technology version, luxury version, distinguished version), VE-1, Jiile, details are subject to the actual configuration of each model.How does cruise control work?The following methods to master ① in the process of vehicle driving, press the MAIN button on the right of the steering wheel to open the system;② Press the SET key, the vehicle will cruise at the current SET speed;③ Adjust the SET value of the system, you can use the RES/+ and SET/- keys on the steering wheel for acceleration and deceleration;④ To CANCEL or close the system, press the CANCEL key or MAIN key or press the brake pedal.Cruise control requires a speed of more than 30 km/h.03 Cruise speed not fuel efficient?In general, the road condition is good, the traffic flow is less suitable for maintaining a constant speed under the circumstances of cruise cruise, compared with the same section of the car driving itself, fuel injection is uniform and accurate, fuel consumption is more economic!On the contrary, for more ups and downs of the road section, cruise cruise in order to maintain the set speed, it will improve the speed when going uphill, so there will be more refueling and downshifting actions, fuel consumption will naturally appear floating.At present, some models of Guangqi Honda have been upgraded to ACC active cruise control system with LSF. Welcome to the shop to experience ~END Although cruise control has certain benefits for our daily use of cars, it should be noted that we should not rely too much on the system. If the owners are sleepy after driving for a long time, please do not stick to it, please find a rest area in time to rest