With Dana, Joe Hisaishi and Hi-RES, OPPO Enco X2 refresh the new track with true wireless sound quality

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OPPO Enco X2 True Wireless Noise cancelling Headphones OPPO Enco X2 true Wireless noise cancelling headphones OPPO Enco X2 true Wireless noise cancelling headphonesEnco X2 real Wireless noise-cancelling earphone features “studio sound quality”. Not only Dana jointly developed the second generation of SuperDBEE coaxial dual unit, but also worked with international music master Joe Hisaishi to specially tune, using the new LHDC4.0 technology, and obtained hi-Res Audio Wireless Gold standard certification.At the same time with ultra broadband active noise reduction scheme, breaking the traditional impression that real wireless noise reduction headphones can not “hi-Fi”.Enco X2 adopts the second generation of SuperDBEE coaxial dual unit developed with Dana. Different from the first generation of coaxial dual unit, the new SuperDBEE bass unit is equipped with a lightweight vibration system.The diaphragm as light as cicadon provides rapid transient response, and the treble unit has the first planar diaphragm four-magnetic structure, presenting excellent high-frequency analytical power.The bass unit uses a light diaphragm with a thickness of just 0.0095mm and a DCCA voice coil with a wire diameter of just 0.033mm to significantly reduce the mass of the vibration system, resulting in a 31% drop in weight compared to the Enco X.The ultra-light liquid crystal molecular diaphragm also provides rapid transient response, giving the Enco X2 a breakthrough boost in bass elasticity, low distortion and high sound quality reduction.The tweeter unit is a continuation of the OPPO high-end earphone plane diaphragm family features, and a new custom Sandwich four magnetic structure, stronger magnetic drive to improve the working efficiency of the plane diaphragm.Compared with the previous generation, the high frequency extension is improved by 100%, reaching 40kHz, greatly improving the analytical power.Enco X2 re-optimizes the internal circuitry of the DAC (digital-to-analog converter) in system-level chips and uses superior audio inductors for a 25% boost in thrust compared to the previous generation.With the OPPO Find X5 series, hi-RES high-resolution transmission, hi-Res Audio Gold Standard acoustic certification, and the new LHDC 4.0 technology to ensure Wireless Audio transmission speed and information.Experience comparable to wired Hi-Fi headsets.In addition, Enco X2 is equipped with two years of development of gold sound detection technology, leakage compensation, ear canal compensation, personalized hearing in one, in just five minutes, the algorithm will build your own ear canal sound model, to ensure that the Enco X2 sound output close to the studio ideal.Let the wood ear can also become the envy of the golden ear.The charm of music lies in the spiritual resonance, Enco X2 deeply cooperate with the internationally renowned music master Joe Hisaishi, who brings the master tune, “the clean melody is as clear and transparent as a stream, without impurities.”Restoring the true sense of listening is not only suitable for professional workers, but also can awaken the purest emotions of more people.Enco X2 has two built-in high SNR noise-reduction microphones in each headset, and is equipped with a three-core noise-reduction chip that increases the computation power by 50%. It supports dual active noise-reduction, and the maximum noise-reduction depth reaches about 45dB at the same time, so that the effective noise-reduction bandwidth reaches 4kHz.The Enco X2 is a true noise cancelling magician for effectively cancelling the human voice frequency band that is difficult to handle with traditional noise cancelling headphones.In addition, Enco X2 true wireless noise reduction headset is based on the traditional three-microphone noise reduction scheme, equipped with an additional bone conductive microphone. Through the bone voicepattern AI call noise reduction algorithm, it can pick up the wearer’s voice to enhance, bringing a clear and transparent call experience.OPPO’s personalized noise reduction technology enables Enco X2 to intelligently optimize the noise reduction curve for different users’ ear canal structures by collecting real users’ wearing data and conducting thousands of sets of real ear tests to achieve the best noise reduction effect.The Enco X2 has designed a steel mesh for wind noise. The curved surface with no holes on the front reduces the wind resistance coefficient and effectively blocks the wind. Sound can be transmitted through the gap between the silk and the silk woven.Combined with the structure design of wind-proof noise duct and wind-proof noise algorithm, the wind noise can be effectively suppressed, and the pure hi-Fi sound quality can be enjoyed even in windy weather or outdoor sports.In addition, Enco X2 also supports intelligent dynamic noise reduction, which can quickly switch between different noise environments and use scenarios, covering the entire scene from indoor to outdoor, from home to travel.As OPPO Acoustics’ flagship true wireless headset product, Enco X2 also focuses on optimizing the user experience, whether it is extra-long battery life, Bluetooth 5.2 low-latency dual-transmission, or wearing comfort, all reflect OPPO’s pursuit of the ultimate user experience.Enco X2 supports quick charging, with earphone charging bin can achieve up to 40 hours of super long battery life, charging 5 minutes, you can listen to music for 2 hours, even if the battery runs out, charging 5 minutes before going out can meet the commuting use, and support Qi wireless charging, charging as you put it.The Enco X2 also supports automatic device switching. When the headset is connected to any two devices at the same time, such as a mobile phone or watch, the headset will automatically connect to the receiving device when an incoming call is made.In terms of design, OPPO keeps grinding the details of ergonomic design to achieve the featherweight wearing experience of only 4.7g.In terms of appearance, the Enco X2 features an integrated streamlined body and comes in two color schemes: mirror night black and frost white.Mirror night black uses industry-leading spray leveling technology, bringing a texture close to ceramic.In addition, the earphone also supports IP54 dust-proof and waterproof, anti-bacterial earwax earcap, reducing the problem of bacteria breeding in the ear canal when wearing for a long time.In terms of controls, the Enco X2 is the industry’s first true wireless headset for binaural recording, with innovative recording processing technology Dolby Audio for natural, clear and authentic recording.In terms of price, Enco X2 true wireless noise-cancelling headphones will be priced at 999 yuan. Pre-orders will be opened on February 24, pre-orders will be available on March 8, and full-channel sales will be officially launched on March 18.Editor: Dada/Shenzhen Bay