A scenic spot in Beijing, three waterfalls and eighteen pools run through it, attracting countless tourists to visit

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As the capital of our country, Beijing is a dazzling city, which not only has fashion elements, but also has cultural heritage. It is also a city full of emotional appeal for many people.Beijing is rich in tourism resources, there are many famous scenic spots, in addition to the familiar Palace Museum, the Summer Palace and other places, there is a natural oxygen bar in Beijing, the scenery here is unforgettable, this place is Heilongtan.The scenic area is famous for its pools. There are 18 pools of different sizes everywhere in the scenic area. Each pool has its own characteristics and attracts tourists very much.Scenic spots inside winding, one can not see the remote, the canyon on both sides of the cliff, three waterfalls 18 pools through it, the pool ding-dong sound, like a wonderful music.Every visitor here will be attracted by the novelty of this place, especially the amazing tongtian Waterfall, flowing down, majestic, breathtaking.People go forward along the stream, they can reach the foot of the waterfall, the waterfall is more than 50 meters high, as if falling from the sky, surrounded by clouds, waterfalls pouring down, the scene is extremely spectacular.Surrounded by mountains, mountains of vegetation, the beauty of the scenery, unforgettable.In addition to the magnificent waterfalls, careful visitors will also find that the scenic area has also increased a “true pool”, true pool is the first of 18 famous pools, the scene is unsurpassed, can see a beautiful scenery in the scenic area, is really beautiful.Tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also breathe the fresh air and relax themselves.In addition, it was a wonderful place to walk down the lane, pool upon pool, and admire the fish in the pool, and the trees that grew all around it. It was a wonderful place to visit in your spare time with your family.There are many special scenic spots in Beijing, and of course there are also a lot of special food, such as braised pork sauce and fried pork sauce. The fatty sausage in the soup is fat but not greasy, and the soup is very tender. It is very satisfying to eat a bowl of it.It has been used for a century. Although it tastes a little special, it has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and is the favorite of old Beijingers. Honey hemp is a special Beijing snack, sweet but not greasy, not sticky to teeth, crisp, very popular with children.The fried enema is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.Beijing is a special city with a long history and culture, and at the same time full of fashion. If you have the opportunity to visit Beijing, you must visit the scenic spots with local characteristics, no matter they are familiar or small, they will be very rewarding.