All 50,000 police officers are on duty!Police officers will be sent to the front lines to do their best to address the urgent needs of the masses

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At 10:00 today (April 4), Shanghai held a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control (session 143). Wu Ganyu, first-level inspector of The Municipal Health Commission, and Zhang Yahong, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, were invited to introduce the latest situation of COVID-19 prevention and control in Shanghai.Zhang Yahong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, said that since the outbreak, the Shanghai public security organ has continuously launched the highest level of social duty, and all 50,000 police officers are on duty to fight the epidemic, prevent risks and ensure safety.Zhang Yahong said that in social prevention and control, one is to maximize the police to the front line, put into residential areas, vegetable markets, shopping malls, supermarkets and other key areas, 24-hour patrol guard, so that the public can see that the police are always on duty, security is at your side.Second, police officers were stationed at nucleic acid screening sites to ensure order maintenance, crowd guidance and epidemic prevention tips, so as to ensure smooth nucleic acid screening for tens of millions of people.Third, more than 600 police officers were deployed in makeshift hospitals in the city to do a good job of on-site and off-site security management, police situation disposal and public service.In terms of strict community containment, first, the public security police will form grid inspection teams together with other forces to strengthen inspections in residential areas and resolutely implement the requirement that “people should not move and stay indoors”.Second, the integrated use of video patrol, uav and police helicopter aerial patrol, strengthen patrol and propaganda tips, persuade people to go out without authorization, persuade people to gather and talk.Third, relying on “science and technology plus manpower”, combining big data analysis with basic work at the grassroots level, giving full play to the advantages of local and well-known police officers, stepping up efforts to “sweep buildings” and “patrol streets”, and urging those who are vulnerable to detection to complete nucleic acid tests.In terms of traffic management, we will control airports, railways, highways, waterways and other passageways into And out of Shanghai to effectively build epidemic prevention barriers.First, while carrying out epidemic prevention and safety checks at expressways entering Shanghai, traffic police have made efforts to ensure the smooth passage of vehicles carrying anti-epidemic and people’s livelihood materials.The second is to guard the containment area perimeter channel, full control of bridge and tunnel across the river, city land crossings, expressway toll station ramps, timely return of illegal crossing vehicles.Third, public security police give priority to vehicles for emergency medical treatment, epidemic prevention materials and livelihood support under strict epidemic prevention conditions to ensure that the “livelihood channel” is always unblocked.In police work, meanwhile, at the same time, also try my best to solve the trouble sorrow to problem of the masses, such as traffic control area of patients with chronic diseases, mental illness, coordination safeguard medicines, as the left-behind old people who live alone necessities, and maternal life opened the green channel for critical patients, etc., especially for each people, call the police for help,Do their best to help or coordinate with relevant departments.Source: Municipal Public Security Bureau