Beijing “clothing store epidemic” so far has 13 positive

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At 23:00 on April 5, Beijing Shunyi updated the news: On the afternoon of April 5, Shunyi district added 4 new nucleic acid test positive people, all centrally controlled contacts, wangjing SOHO Xiaojingege clothing store staff and associated personnel.”Clothing store transmission chain” has 13 positive, including 8 employees, 5 related personnel, involving Chaoyang and Shunyi.According to the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a locally confirmed case of the virus reported in Daxing District on Thursday is highly homology to a recent outbreak outside Beijing.The case returned to Beijing by train on March 31, and it is initially believed that she may have been infected while waiting for a train outside Beijing.According to Beijing authorities, imports from abroad are still the biggest risk to the city.Similar to the outbreak in Beijing daxing, five cases were reported in Wenzhou in Zhejiang province in the past four days. Four of the cases were people who had taken trains from other places to return to Wenzhou, and two of them were definitely infected on the train.A new asymptomatic infected person was a train operator in Hangzhou on Thursday, and many places have issued notices of “train related to the epidemic” and missing persons.Experts pointed out that China’s mainland has a high incidence of local epidemic, and crowded and closed waiting rooms and trains are easy to become carriers of transmission, so travelers must take precautions.In particular, after getting on and off the train and going to the toilet, we should timely do hand disinfection, try not to take off the mask on the train to eat and drink. If we really need to eat and drink, it is best to choose to eat and drink quickly without others.Review Officer: Qian Zhongbiao supervisor: Chen Taisheng Supervisor: Wu Xiao Chen Xiyu Chief Supervisor: Chen Zhenshi Recommended reading ↓↓↓