Chinese and American parents are excellent students, “genius girl” won the gold medal!Why is Gu So good?

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Chinese and American parents are excellent students, “genius girl” won the gold medal!Why is Gu So good?Some people say that China is a country that values “inheritance”, especially the “experience” and “cognition” of parents.Perhaps not only that, but also when it comes to their children’s education, which is why many parents, especially the more successful ones, place a premium on their children’s education.Perhaps it is because of this that Chinese people, no matter where they are, can become an excellent group through generations of accumulation.It is worth mentioning that gu Ailing, a skier, was also born in an excellent family.Her father, an American, graduated from Harvard University, a world-class university, while her mother, Gu Yan, a Beijing native, graduated from Stanford University and was once a ski instructor.It is reported that Gu’s registered nationality changed from the US to China in June 2019, and on October 19, 2020, Gu received the SAT score of the US college entrance examination, which is 1580 out of 1600 points.In addition to gu’s academic performance “inherited” her parents’ “excellent student” characteristics, and she was selected to the Chinese sports delegation for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.That means she and other athletes will be representing our country at the Winter Olympics.It is not difficult to see that Gu Is excellent, so for most parents, how to cultivate their children?In the eyes of many Chinese parents, children should be versatile, so many parents tend to choose a lot of remedial classes for their children, hoping that their children can master more “ability”, so as to cultivate their children’s ability and interest.Of course, this kind of education is also accepted by most people.However, as parents should also pay attention to children’s “interest” point, take a wide range of interest cultivation is only a means, the real purpose is to cultivate children’s good growth, focus on cultivation.In the arena, Gu Is often praised as a “genius girl”, which may have something to do with her parents’ cultivation.According to media reports, Gu learned to ski at the age of 3, and won the National junior skiing championship at the age of 9. She also won the National freestyle skiing under 13 slope slalom at the age of 11.She was also the first woman to complete a double somersault and quadruple twist in freestyle skiing.It can be seen that Gu’s parents are also focused on the cultivation of their children.Therefore, for children’s “generalization” interest cultivation, it is also worth parents to reflect on whether it needs to change.Of course, interest is interest, it does not mean that children can give up necessary learning because of interest.Some parents for children’s training, often easy to go into the “extreme”, or train children to become a “problem machine”, or lead to children feel that life is not interesting, or train children too value “interest”, and so abandoned learning.Therefore, for some parents, children can be in the interest and learning of some emphasis, but can not “waste”.This also means that parents need to rationally analyze their children’s “talents” and appropriately guide them to stimulate their own “talents”.In fact, there is no such thing as casual success. Every success requires hard work, even if some children are gifted.Some people think gu’s success is inevitable. However, before the 2021 Freestyle World Championships, gu suffered an accidental injury in training, including a fracture in her right hand and torn ligament in her thumb. However, gu never gave up the competition and finally made a new history by winning the first gold medal in women’s halfpipe at the World Championships.It can be seen that success is not an easy thing, often encounter “difficulties”, and this time the attitude towards “difficulties”, becomes the key to decide whether to succeed.Perhaps, this is also a valuable “inheritance”, and should be the focus of family education.The Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, wish our country’s athletes good results, but also look forward to more children can obtain “scientific” training, become the backbone of the country.Topic of the day: Why do you think “genius girl” Gu Ailing is so good?Let us know in the comments section.