Gushi County Power Supply Company of State Grid went all out to repair and protect power

2022-05-23 0 By

This article is from: China neogen 27 Fanguo Avenue line trip!Open the 10-vine North route and trip!Hua 1 Wumiao street line trip!Show 7 line infinite temple branch switch trip!…From 16:00 to 20:00 on March 16th, gushi witnessed moderate to heavy rain and heavy rain in some towns and villages.Due to the influence of thunderstorm bad weather, resulting in 110 kv genqin station, 35 kv Huayang station and other 13 substations and the west of the city, involving 10 kv root 27 Fanguo Avenue line, kai8 park south line, Hua 1 Wumiao street line and other power outage lines 24, involving 131 power outage transformers.”Blackout is an order!”Its rapid response gushi county electric power supply company, immediately start emergency plans, the company leadership team members are deeply to repair a line command, the rescue team, repair materials preparation and emergency protection measures were carried out to carry out the elaboration, and strict controls of repair site safety, for “emergency rescue not adventure”, on the premise of guarantee personal safety, the tension in order to carry out the repair work,At the same time strengthen the duty discipline and vehicle material logistics support work.Strengthen on-duty management, keep on-duty telephone online 24 hours a day to ensure orderly and smooth;The account manager kept “zero distance” communication with customers by releasing reminder of safe use of electricity under bad weather, information of power failure and progress of emergency repair in wechat group.Equipment for substation, power lines to carry out non-stop tour, effectively prevent and respond to the multiple effects of weather, the company has spent emergency workers over 203 people, 79 were vehicles, to 98 point of failure to carry out repair, for the first time do your utmost to safeguard the masses of residents living power and the social production, the epidemic prevention and control demand,Do a good job of safety and electricity protection with practical actions.(Liu Jun, Lu Yizhi)